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Hello, my name is kayla im 20 &' two years ago I was diagnosed with graves disease also known as hyperthyroidism. I was released from the hospital today after going in two nights ago since my neck was swollen &' it hurt to breathe. Another thing is my heart rate was 180 over 60 which I have high blood pressure which is bad &' I have been off meds until I was at the hospital. I just found out that I am pregnant &' it doesn't help with the fact that I have graves disease &' high blood pressure. After coming home, I started getting dizzy/ light headed (even while sitting down) &' having a little headache. I keep getting little weird pains in my stomach &' my heart feels funny. Any suggestions.? Im freaking out.


Hello Kayla,

first off, hyperthiroidism alone often causes faster heart rate and it would help a lot to know if you're under any treatment for Graves disease. Pregnancy might be contributing to all the symptoms you're currently experiencing, as well. Even without Grave’s pregnancy causes so much changes to happen to your body. Unless your hyperthyroidism is well managed (and sometimes even if it is) it happens that pregnancy can trigger even more symptoms. And there is also a risk for the baby, so you will need an ob-gyn visit as soon as you can. You need to make sure that you have all the symptoms monitored so that either you or your baby don’t experience any major problems.

Wish you all the best, Nicole