The other night before I went to bed I decided to get a good stretch done prior. I lied flat on my stomach and life my upper back while extending my lower back. When doing this my upper back popped loud and instantly my hearing went crazy(muffled, ringing) and I got light head and dizzy. I instantly knew something serious has just happened so I got anxious and scared. Its been 4 days and my hearing is still clogged feeling (with ache sometimes) (low quality) (ringing) (both ears) and a feel light headed constently. Just my whole head feels very cloudy and loopy. (thought process changed)(I feel like a different person) (Light head) (slight head aches). all I can say "why me!!!?" I am a musician and spend 8+ hours a day dealing with music. My lively-hood, passion, and quality of life depends on my ears. This is the most devistating thing that has ever happened to me and I am severely (depressed/worried/scared) thank you all.

Somebody Please Help me. :cry:

This is the position I was in: