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I am 16 years old.. it just happened to me today and my mom thinks I'm a hypochondriac which is why i didn't mention it to her because she wouldn't bring me to the doctors anyway. But anyway, I was in the shower when suddenly I felt really nauseous. I thought it would just pass but then It started getting really bad. Then I started getting really really dizzy and started breathing like i was hyperventilating trying to get more oxygen  but it didn't help..  I called to my boyfriend who was in the kitchen and he came in right before i was about to fall over. My vision got really blurry and I couldn't keep myself up. Then everything sounded very muffled. My boyfriend sat me down, didn't help he was freaking out too though. But after a while from sitting down, my sight came back and I heard a very high pitched noise then my hearing started coming back. It took about half an hour before i was back to normal. But right after i felt really shaky and weak.  Does anyone know what this might be?? Please help!!! I'm worried!


Hey Kleisa,

No one on Steady Health can diagnose a potential health problem for you (aside from making a few guesses). If you are worried, see a doctor. If that's not an option, talk to your school nurse.

Doctors and nurses are just humans with medical knowledge though - so go armed with information. Write down when you have these incidents (time of day, what you're doing, when you ate last) along with other info like your last menstrual period and any medication you're on (including birth control).

The loss of sight and hearing sounds like "fainting" - but do talk to your doctor and have him/her check a few things out.


It's possible that nothing's wrong with you at all. That doesn't make you a hypochondriac.


As you go through your teen years your body is changing dramatically, with new hormones and crazy development stuff going on in the brain all the time. So when tests come back normal, doctors tend to just let the issues lay unless they get worse over time, continue for long periods or expand in symptomology. When that happens, just relax and know that it's going to be okay. Millions of women around the world went through strange times in our teens and had things going on in our bodies that no one could explain.


Good luck.