Hey everyone i have ETD my ent doctor said to have grommets!! I had perfect hearing before and only really struggled with air pressure in my ears when traveling in a car.. was getting me down because I couldn’t take my son to the sea side or anything.. controlled my life basically. Ent told me I would wake up as normal as I’m going to sleep I read loads of bad things about people having very muffled hearing.. well anyway I wake up and guess what I have muffled hearing.. as the days go on they get worse and worse .. heavy I can feel yeh grommet aswel also feel a pulling.. maybe that’s part of the healing I don’t know.. but it’s 6 days after my op now and still have very muffled hearing worse in my right ear and ringing.. pls have anyone else had this after grommets and I’ll my hearing come back to normal .. driving me crazy