Hi; I am feeling low for past many months. The problem is due to my hearing. Actually I had a head injury while playing football which resulted in tearing of my ear lobe. It was that I was taking a header sideways and the opponent came from the other side to take the header; it was a head to head collision with my ear lobe part banging against his temple.
The collision was so hard that the ear lobe tore off ; hanging with the other part, I was rushed to a clinic where the torn off portion was sewed. But according to me; he(doctor) was not a great specialist at it; so the sewing was not good enough. Anyways , everything was okay after that but after some months I felt as if my hearing had degraded ;initially I thought that it’s okay as I was recovering from that head injury; slowly it would heal and everything would be fine. But it has nearly been 2 and half years now and nothing good has happened. But from past few months (say nearly 5-6); I am feeling fullness in that ear and often that I am loosing sensation that from where the sound is coming. It’s just that the sound is coming and I am hearing. I have lost some hearing as well; I feel. The fullness was present before also after the injury but not to this extent. The sewed portion has got bundles (haven’t got the exact word for it) inside it. And when I press that hard stuff; although a bit painful; my ear feels much better. Can anyone tell me what the problem is; I had got the ear checked twice after that by ENT specialist and had the audiometry tests done; but they said it is okay except just some very-very little loss which is okay. I feel devastated as I had already lost the hearing in my other ear a long back; don’t know when while I was a kid. I am 25 years old and starting my career. This is so disgusting and pitiful; there is nothing in the world left for me; it’s all shattered. I am not able to concentrate on anything; can’t even talk about it to anyone and I don’t even want to; I don’t want to even get on the hearing aid kind of things. Although I heard something about stem cell researches going on but all have nothing hopeful; at least as for now. If any such trails are done on the human beings; I would like to participate. Is there any hope. And please don’t give me advices about living life and such nonsense things; because it is for them who have got something and try to have more. No one can ever realize the sufferings and know the pains except the ones who suffer (this is true; I have experienced it myself).