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For the past month i have had severe tonsil pain and hearing loss. i was seen and tested in the hospital for strep throat that came back negative. the pain is especially severe when i swallow. pain also occurs in my ears when i swallow. prior to this tonsil pain and hearing loss, i have had several ear infections in the same ear. i am currently not experiencing symptoms of an ear infection. i was seen in the emergency room a second time just a few days ago and was told that this extreme tonsil pain and hearing loss have to "run its course". My question is, is a month well past "running its course" and what could be causing this?


Hi Armani_gurl,

Well it is hard to say, but month is not a short period of time. You have to understand that not everybody is same and treatment might not affect you as it affects others. What antibiotics have you used? Have you used any pain killers? Have you notices any swelling on your tonsils? Has you doctor suggested surgery for tonsils? There is a good possibility that tonsils are causing the infection of the ear, and they are the main reason for ear pain. Did you ever have any problems with tonsil stones? They are problematic and can cause pain when swallowing. I would suggest with your doctor the possibility of surgery to remove your tonsils because they are giving you much problems.