I am sorry to write bad English, but I've never studied, and I use the online translator.
For 8 years I have serious problems left ear: 1) tinnitus; 2) fullness, 3) pain in the eardrum, 4) hyperacusis, 5) when sounds coming from the healthy ear (right) the earbones and eardrum tremble painfully ill 6) Fortunately I don't have vertigo.
I was visited by 25 otholaringologists with misdiagnoses or conflicting. In August, the last specialist with a new CT scan confirmed the superior semicircular canal dehiscence. Vemp negative, negative Audiometry, nystagmus negative!
The surgery will be done through the middle cranial fossa and I will have to decide for himself to do this dangerous and delicate operation.
But first of all I like to receive more information from those who have already done this surgery to know what was positive or negative.
Thank you to all