Researchers from Manchester University have revealed that one in twenty five people hear voices on regular bases. Although traditionally thought of as a mental illness, the new research shows differently. There are many of people who hear voices but find them calming or even inspiring.

The researchers tried to investigate why some people find their voices disturbing and seek medical help in comparison to others who don’t mind hearing voices.

They found out that it is not in the voices but how people interpret and experience them. So, it depends on the person’s character, life experience and beliefs how they will live with their voices. Those people who have a healthy attitude towards life, had positive experience in life and are not going through rough periods have more positive attitude towards the voices while those who find themselves worthless, aggressive people and those who are experiencing other problems may see their voices as something harmful and hostile.

The negative view towards hearing voices comes from the society and psychiatry and it is therefore defined seen as an illness. This often makes people who hear voices not seek help and talk about it. Talking about voices certainly decreases the anxiety related to voice occurrence.