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I can't deny that I was somewhat hostile once towards people with mental illness. As an ignorant child and teenager I would perceive "those" battling mental illness as if they were, somewhat, less of a human being. As if their illness made them inferior and I would also judge freely by thinking that they had cause that to their ourselves. 

I know you're reading this and thinking what a horrible human being. But please, take into account that I was ignorant, and ignorance made me less compassionate. 

It wasn't until I personally suffered the hell that mental illness could cause to the human psyche and the human spirit that I silently begged for the world's understanding and compassion. 

I lost myself for a while to depression and general anxiety disorder and what I got in return from the world was a rainfall of criticism and judgment. With comments like "just switch your thoughts to happy thoughts and that's it" or "you're depressed because you want to be". Most people around me thought about me how I had thought about others, back when ignorance clouded my better judgment. 

I came to realize how little understanding there is towards mental illness and how little empathy it gets from the world. It is a taboo that I hope some day can be vanquish. 

I read an article that it really helped me put things in perspective, and that it says that mental illness can be a very lonely illness to suffer, simply because you don't empathy and support to carry you through it. There's no well wishes coming your way, no visits, no chocolate and flowers. It is basically you, on your own trying to pull yourself out by your own means. And I keep thinking that it shouldn't be this way. 

I am now an understanding and compassionate human being, so I guess living through this experience has a positive outcome. Still, I think I was wrong in waiting for it to happen to me before I could develop compassion and understand. So my question goes, how do you help people be more compassionate towards those suffering from mental illness?

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go to the mental hospitals and talk to the patient


I don't think people will ever understand how real of a problem depression is. I suffer from severe clinical depression, basically my brain is hard wired to not let me feel happiness. At 13 I tried to commit suicide instead of reach out for help simply because I had been convinced that depression wasn't real and what i was feeling was normal for someone my age, I just decided if it was normal I couldn't handle a life like that. I am 22 now and still haven't found a cure for my depression. Ive lost jobs, relationships even friendships over it because some days I cant get myself to even get out of bed. What people don't understand is that I don't want attention, I don't want sympathy ( i mean sh*t only 6 people even know I have depression) all I want is to be is normal. I dont tell people my depressed thoughts because I am scared that it mite some how lead to them thinking in the same way and I wouldnt wish these thoughts on anyone. People think of depression as someone just being bummed out and will probably never understand that for the past 9 years I have been a prisoner to my own brain. It makes me so angry because I want to talk to people but all they think is I am dramatic and want attention but all I want is to value my life again and just be a normal person. The number 2 killer of youths in America is suicide......yet people wont wake up and realize something needs to change. You