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Online there is an article accessable on Doctor Whitaker who has far more sources than I can quote on issues of synthetic para norm used by the government and pentagon.

The ringing in the ears is noise from microwave carriers and modulations. In radio, digital radio, the usage of 5 khz and higher frequency on a low frequency of 3000 khz as carrier, is just on the edge of audiable hearing by the ear. Inside these carriers are modulation of stories, suggestions, subliminal and command words, narrations and dream like voices. Some of the frequency carry images that the neurons read in certain areas of the brain. The knowledge that the body absorbs radio frequency has long been warned by the Ham operators of the FCC.

In sleep state certain areas of the brain function while in wake state they do not do so. In sleep a mere word can send the mind into a series of dreams, random or directed by these broadcasts. The broadcasts are done on wi fi, electric power lines, anything digital and the net with your computer. They run 24 7 non stop.

The problem medically is indiviuals who are normal activity with psyche are over stressed with the synthetic transmissions. Others who have little awareness of these activities become paranoid at hearing voices. Some desperately attempt to find quiet places which are now occupied by transmissions. The true schizophrenic can not be diagnosed.

Since it souns like conspiracy on one hand and its not, the usage of synthetic can be good but the systematic chemical genocide is bad. Many of my associates have voiced against this. Odd thing is, the government announced that the rise in schizo would be to 70 percent of nation in a few short years, not saying the reason which is a rather risky experiment with their toy. synthetic para norm.

Look up online the house ways and means committee on spending with the military on synthetic telepathy. They have spent millions yearly on running costs but billions on setup since its inception. Not real ? why spend the money ?

Medically the interference of normal brain wave activity with synthetic has made the medicine world of psychiatry a guess at best.

This was a follow up to the previous topic on eugene tics and genetics ......atypical causing sterilization of sperm


Hi Raymond,

I have already made a comment on one of your other posts.

The sickness around the world is called radio sickness (RS) or hyper sensitivity syndrome (HSS).

Most of these illnesses have been around for many decades and began to raise their ugly heads as the communications systms began to flood the world. People who spent all day in front of a teleprinter, calculator, and any other form of electronic equipment began to suffer from a multitude of symptoms, such as ringing in the ears, headaches, tight chest, nausea, tiredness, fatigue, and many more and most were just fobbed off as psychosis. But, really all of this began with high power transmission lines and if you lived close to such things then those symptoms would have been common.

People have been warning people for decades of the dangers of power lines, fluro tubes, and electro magnetic equipment. Now the real dangers that have replaced the dangers of the past, such as DDT, Dieldrin, Asbestos, and passive cigarette smoking is the uncontrolled emissions from cell phones and towers, DECT phones, and all those cordless electronic and electro magnetic equipment that all believe are safe, when in fact they ARE NOT!

Brain surgeons have been speaking out for the past ten years of the increase of brain tumours in children under the age of 12 and multitude of tumour in the organs of adults under the age of 30 who are proliferic cell phone users, and sit in front of their cordless computers and equipment day-in-day-out.

The tsunami of destrution through RADIATION is now in full swing.

God save our people.