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My son is 16 years old i have had problems with him for years being violent to his brothers & sisters lashes out swears shouts at everyone. he told me he gets voices that tell him to do things. I have been to social services for help he has had anger mangement i reall ydon't no what to do or where to go to get help now, what do you think i should do.


I say put anger management on the back burner for now and concentrate on the big picture. It sounds like your son seriously needs some phyciatric help. Hearing voices and being violent is a serious mental problem. He needs medication. One of these days these "so called" voices that he hears is going to tell him to kill someone in the family, or to burn the house down, anything. If this should ever happen, God forbid, you will ask yourself why you didn't seek some professional services, (not anger management) sooner. You really need to get on the phone and make some calls. Start with Social Services and go from there. I would be fearful at this point, tell them that. There are anti phycotic drugs out there that work miracles, he needs some of that. I know, we as parents, hate to hear that one of our children could be mentally disturbed, but your son really fits the criteria.
Instead of sitting back and wondering what you should do, make the call, get the ball rolling. The sooner your son gets help for his problems the happier and safer the whole family will be. Think of your other kids that have to put up with his abuse, this type of thing can bring down a whole family.
Make your family a Merry Christmas and get this child the help he needs.


I agree with bbfeet9 that this will take a professional evaluation and quickly.

A child who claims they are hearing voices may be giving voice to their impulses... but may also be trying to communicate that they are schizophrenic... or similar condition. This is very serious to diagnose as soon as possible...

If it is the later condition, there are support groups, but it's better to know this NOW, rather than later. You need to get your doctor and medical community involved. If necessary, call your county mental health department and tell them of your fears and concerns. Don't play coy, be frank. Get him evaluated.

Then, they will be able to advise what alternatives and options may be open to you.

Good luck.
Don't delay.