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during normal annual physical doctor found protein in urine. ran tests for diabetes-tests were negative. he re-checked 3 months later and protein was not present, but blood was. about 10 years ago another doctor found blood in my urine and i went to see a urologist and had a cystoscopy which came out normal. he told me that rarely there are people with traces of blood in urine for no reason. since then i have had regular physicals and no mention of abormal urine test results have come up. now, out of the blue not only is blood coming and going(not visible to naked eye)but protein shows up and the numbers that show my kidney function are a little bit out of average range. doc sent me for kidney ultrasound and CT scan which came out clear. i have an appointment with a urologist, but am still curious about this problem. also, in reading stories on this website, i found an odd similarity in stories about having urinary problems and heart palpitations(which i have not mentioned to my doc). the palpitations started about 6 mos. ago. i thought they were related to anxiety since i have lost both my parents suddenly(they did not pass away together) and my job of 17 years in less than one year. i see a shrink on a regular basis for depression and he prescribes lorazpam and klonopin to me. when these palpitations escalated to having pressure in the center of my chest i tried taking anywhere from 2 mg. to 6 mg. of lorazepam and 1 mg. of klonopin to ease the pain and attributing symptoms to anxiety, but the meds did not help. i have not had any other heart related symptoms like pain in arm, jaw, or shoulder. could these two sets of syptoms be related? like i mentioned before, just reading other stories where both things were mentioned struck me as so odd!! perhaps someone could shed some light on this situation for me. thank you so much. katastrophy


how old are you ? protein in the urine can be caused by many things. but since you had all your tests negative that means there is no anatomical pathology.

With your history of anxiety , i would suggest you monitor your blood pressure on a daily basis and when you have anxiety/panic attacks, during these periods the blood pressure as a flight/fight response. you might not have hypertension but your blood pressure might goes up with anxiety , that causes occasional protein and trace blood to be seen in the urine.

One last thing you can check is to go to OB-GYN specialist and have a check up like ultrasound, sometimes urine is false positive if you have fibroids, ruptured ovarian cysts, cervical or uterine pathology.

hope this helps....