recently i have been experiencing palpitations and heaviness in my chest. i have taken anywhere from 2 to 6 mg. ativan and 1 mg. klonopin and it does not ease the symptoms. i have lost both my parents suddenly in the past year. i also lost my job of 17 years. i can see anxiety causing these symptoms, but it seems like the medication would ease the discomfort. i also have occasional protein and blood (not necessarily at the same time) in my urine. my doctor found this in routine blood and urine tests. i do not have physical symptoms and the blood is not visible. the numbers that show my kidney function were a little bit outside the norm, but i had a kidney ulrasound and CT scan and both were normal. i am going to see a urologist soon so maybe i will know more. i am just curious if the two situations could be related-i have read a couple of other people's stories on this site and found similar conditions. would appreciate some input on this. thank you. katastrophy