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I am a 47 year female, good choleserol levels, blood pressure slighty above normal, taking norvasc for that 5 years ago I had chest pains most likely from my stressful job. From work I went to the ER. I had an abnormal ekg so they then gave me a stress/treadmill Echocardiogram which came out positive. I then had a cardiac catherization done to find out I have a healthy heart and arteries look great. Was sent home and now currently having chest pains, shortnes of breath and light headed when I overexert myself and chestpains when I am under extreme stress. In the past year I had blood test done and ekgs and all are normal. I feel Im doing myself an injustice to continue to try and figure out why I coninue to get these chest pains. I hear the horror stories of heart attacks being 1 of the top causes of female deaths but Im not sure what else I can do. I recently have a brand new beautiful granddaughter that I want to be around for. Any advice for the new grandmother would be appreciated (:


I'm sorry that you are going through this. 

My father (64 and in good health) has been experiencing chest pains and like you had an abnormal echocardiogram, they too sent him for a treadmill test.

The original echo showed he had a murmur, the doctor didn't seem overly worried but sent him for the extra tests too. They said he may have always had the murmur but as he has been having chest pains to get it checked.

He had his treadmill test just after Christmas and recently went to see the consultant for the results.

Everything was normal his cholesterol too, they said he may have either pulled a muscle in his chest that is going to take time to repair or he may have severe indigestion. 

However, unlike you his only symptom was chest pain, if you also have shortness of breath and light headedness you are bound to be very worried. And you don't just have to put up with it, you can ask for a second opinion or at least ask them what the cause maybe if its not the heart.

I hope you get some answers x