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Can you give me some advice on how to manage stress better? I am 29 years old and I just know that there is too much stress in my life. And I just cannot ignore it but also cannot deal with it. I work hard and I have long working hours, but that is the case with almost anyone. And then every meaningless thing at home upsets me. Help me!


Perhaps all that you need is some long vacation. A little time to forget all those problems and relax a bit in some beautiful natural environment where everything that surrounds you is peaceful and harmonic. Of course, at one point you will have to return to the chaos you have left, but this time you will have your batteries recharged. And while on vacation, you can also think of the way to organize your lifestyle better so that less stress is produced and accumulated.


Hi Heida,

It's difficult to guide you on the most appropriate stress release strategies when I am unsure on what your stressors are; however, here are some general tips that you may find useful.

Define what your stressors are? Is it pressures at work, not enough time to do the things you enjoy, financial?

Once you have defined what they are (you may like to write them down to give you some clarity) - look at each one and identify if there is anything you can put in place to lower and ease the level of stress.

For instance, if you are stressed out about pressures at work - see if there is anyone you can talk to at work (supervisor), can you delegate any of your tasks?, etc.

The important thing to remember is - worry only about the things you can change (and change them!!) and do not worry about what you can not change. It is only added stress and worry that won't get you anywhere and you probably don't need!

You may want to try some activities to help combat your stress levels...brisk walking, yoga, meditation, swimming. Any form of physical activity is always a good relief.

Wishing you all the best.
Happy Life Space