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I had hemorrhoidectomy a couple of years back and experienced most of what has been said here, but I will say it was worth the trouble in the long run IMO.

I just had appendix surgery a couple weeks ago and due to the pain meds, I was experiencing constipation and now have a thrombosed hemorrhoid on the opposite side of the one that was removed years back :-(.

I've been told surgery will be required again, god save me.

For the mean time, I was given Lidocaine/Hdrocortisone cream for the pain which works.


OMG I don't know how you could go through this twice. I'm glad to hear it was worth it the first time - but so sorry for your diagnosis - can't they do something else for you? I would try anything before resorting to this again now that I know what it's like.

How long does "in the long run" take?

I'm worse today than yesterday. I guess that's the two steps forward, one step back (or is it one step forward, two steps back?). I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow. Ha.


Yeah, I definitively would love alternative way out of surgery, but at the same time I just want to deal with inevitable. I always knew my other problematic area I had was going flare up again at some point in my life, I just didn't realize it would be this soon.

Actually my current flare up is the original problematic area I had developed years back, but at the time of my first surgery I had a flare up on the other side which was bad enough that it required the procedure. My Doctor told me they could only do the one side due to narrowing it would cause if both sides where done. I had the original hem under control for the most part until I had my appendix procedure >.<.

I figured I survived the first procedure, I'll survive this one.

What I found took longest was getting back to regular bowl habits and what I mean by that is not so much how often, but the strain at times due to the narrowing of anal opening. Which over time stretches and became normal again. Even after a couple of months don't be surprised if you experience bleeding during bowl movements from time to time. Just remember you body is trying to heal an area that is contracting and stretching on a daily basis depending on your bowl habits.

I see my specialist tomorrow, so something may change, but I doubt it from what the emergency care unit doctor told me.

Long run in my case was a few months, complete recovery, and since then no issue at all on that particular side.


Well your recent posts explains some things for me. I think my biggest problem I'm having is regulating bowel habits. My dr did multiple hems at one time and I think I'm so swollen that I can't go normally. I am taking stool softeners, senekot, benefiber, only eating high fiber foods, no meat or cheese, and nothing is happening. Then after not going for a couple of days I get a lot of pressure on the surgery site which exacerbates the pain. I'm still not sure I would have had it done twice instead of getting it all over with at once, though. I'm supposed to go back to the dr. Tuesday for a follow up. If I can make (I can't imagine it now) it hopefully he'll have some suggestions.

So I guess they need to do the procedure again because the one you have now is thrombosed?


I have read this post from beginning to end. I had a flare up and after about 3 weeks was thinking about a serious treatment, that being the electric current or sclerotherapy, since it is supposed to be "pain free". I had previously heard terrible things about the full blown 'ectomy surgery. After visiting a Dr I was quite disillusioned since he said I had a serious level 4 prolapsed internal hemmorrioid and that surgery was the only option.

While reading this post, one person had said they received a lot of benefit from herbal remedies. I was willing to try pretty much anything to avoid the surgery. After reading about the different options, I started using Buther's Broom (940 mg) as an Oral Supplement. To this I added Bendryl cream to help with itching and inflamation. Within three days the swelling was almost gone, and the pain was gone! Maybe it was a coincedence, but the relief has been amazing.

My sport is raquetball, and I have been playing for about 30 years. Normally nothing keeps me off the court. But this bout of hemmorroids had me benched for several weeks.

One day, I may have to again consider surgery, but for now, I am have switched to using Venapro, (has several herbs including Buthchers Broom). I still have bleeding. But unless I am so anemic I get pale and pass out, I prefer that to the stories of surgery that I have read.

Good luck to everyone. Just wanted to let people know that perhaps there is an option to surgery. Hope it helps.


Well, I just had my small thrombosed external hemorrhoid excised (scapel), today. Its been about 5 hours since the surgery and I have not needed pain killers. Maybe its because I have felt much worse pain during my knee surgeries and having the stitches removed from my knee. Picture one long stitch being pulled from the inside of your skin for 5 minutes. That's pain. Removing this hemorrhoid was nothing compared to that.

I do have a mild to medium uncomfortable feeling down there but nothing that I haven't been able to deal with. So far so good.

I decided to have the surgery because I am a very active 43yr old male. I was not going to put my activities on hold for too much longer.

I will check back in the coming days to report on the progress.


I had surgery on March 19th to have both internal, external, and external tags removed. 1 internal was removed, and 2 internals were banded. What a nightmare this has been. I had a bad reaction to the morphine after surgery and my 1 night stay in the hospital turned in to 4. The Dr. insisted I was going home the day after surgery but I was vomitting if I even took a sip of water. I had no IV in me so needless to say I wound up severly dehydrated by the second night. I insisted the nurse get a Dr. in and put an IV back in my body was shutting down, cold sweat, legs ached so bad I could barely move, migraine headache. That all lead to Neurolgist, cat scan, stomach xrays....none of which was necessary..I just needed an IV. When I finally came home 4 days later I couldn't have a bowel movement ( i did already on day 2 and 3) because the nurses neglected to give me the stool softeners, medamucil, etc. even though i told them I needed it. When I finally was able to go again on day 5 i nearly saw stars. After that, biggest mistake i made was not taking regular baths. Instead, I kept using the sitz bath, but commen sense, sitting on that thing for too long will give you hemmeroids! For the first week, i had my bowel movements right in it with warm water. Pretty messy but it made it easier. I thought i'd never go regularly again. Second mistake i made....I went back to work 6 days after surgery. I sit at a desk all day and was able to tolerate it for about 4 hours that day, and 4 hours the next day. I kept that up for the next 2 weeks, meanwhile instead of getting better i was getting worse. Sure enough, i wound up with a new external hemerroid. And the pain i had internally just wouldn't go away. It was in one specific spot...a combination of burning and throbbing. I was down to only needing one percocet when i got home from work, and wound up needing to take them again all day again just to get through. Sure enough, I wound up going in for surgery again 2 days ago, on April 11th. Internally the Dr. said there's nothing else going on, the spot thats causing all of the pain is from the hemerroid he surgically removed, and again he removed the new external hemerroid and tags that i developed since surgery. I still have the same pain internally, throbbing, burning and never goes away unless i take a pain pill. Externally, some bleeding still but not much pain. I guess in a way the second surgery worked out well...maybe i'll finally be hemerroid free now. After the second week of sitz baths only i got smart and started taking regular baths at least twice a day. What a difference. I'll continue doing that now too. I just wish I would finally start to heal internally....I had to get a prescription for a cream to use internally thats supposed to help. I hope so....i'm getting so tired of not being able to live my regular life. It's got to get better.


Hi everyone
I had surgery 8 days ago and have been living on controlled morphine release tabs ever since the local wore off. I have never been in so much pain in my life, the surgery recovery is terrible and going to the toillet is frightening, would l have this doen again, no way l am so uncomfortable and l just can not see me returning to work for at least another 3/4 weeks. This would have to be the worst operation to have and l work in theatre, l should of taken more notice when ward nurses said it is one of the most painful operations and that going to the toilet is like sh**ting razor blades, boy were they right!!!!! Good luck everbody with your recovery l am off to doc to get more pain relief for the next week there is no way l am suffering with this pain.


Well it is now 16 days post op and I can finally say I feel a little better. Still on pain pills, still taking stool softeners and laxatives, but am back to work and down to less than 3 percocets/day. Went to the dr for a follow up and found he needed to remove much more tissue than he had expected and that I'm still really swollen, hence the pain. My doctor suggested I try aleve to help with the pain and swelling. I took it one night before bed and although it didn't help the pain, I was noticeably less swollen the next day. I haven't taken it since because that night I couldn't sleep at all - I think it may have been the aleve - and don't want to mix it with percocets which I have to take during the day to deal with the pain of having BMs. Anyway, it's something people might want to try.

What I've learned from this experience is:
1) it is critical to be proactive with getting your bowels to function - take stool softeners and laxatives from the get go, plus tons of fiber. I didn't start out taking the stool softeners and laxatives until I knew I had a problem, several days after the surgery - then it was too late - I became constipated and twice had to use enemas. The pain of that and the resulting forceful BMs nearly made me pass out. I'm sure that's partly why the swelling is still bad and it's taking me longer to heal. So even though it's painful to go, it's essential to regularly pass soft stools.

2) Pee often - even if you hardly have to go - an empty bladder puts less pressure on the rectum.

2) Plan on being out of work at least 2 weeks! Even then, sitting for up to 8 hrs a day is painful! Try to reduce your hours or at least the time spent sitting.

3) 8-10 days seemed to be a turning point, from thinking I was going to die, to thinking OK, it's painful but I can deal with it (though I'm sure this varies somewhat from person to person).

Still don't know whether in the long run it will be worth it, but I do feel like I will return to normal eventually.


I've had hemorrhoid which looks very small on the outside ever since my second child's birth.Tried ointments,creams and suppositories to get rid of it, but always came back after a while.Never gives me any discomfort or pain other than slight bleeding at times and the fact that I know it's there.I've decided after being examined by a doctor to have the surgery done(small exterior but larger internal he said) on April the 23rd.But after reading this site now,I'm not sure if I made the right decision.Recovery of 2 weeks sound like a BS to me now, aside from the suffering of pain afterwards.I just wanted to be confident and comfortable in my lingerie as I could be...but now thinking...IS IT WORT IT ? I am so confused and scared at this point and thinking of canceling my surgery.Please help !


After reading these threads, I am not sure I have even had the same operation. I am a 50 year-old female and had a history of hemorrhoids dating back 20 years to childbirth. When an internal one came out and became thrombosed in January, I decided to look into surgery. We are currently posted in Argentina, so this is where I had it, on 7 April. I have had almost no pain, and no other significant problems. For what it's worth, here is what I did:

-For several weeks beforehand I played around with fibre supplements and finally settled on ground flax seed, 2-3 tablespoons per day (my weight is 120lbs). (My doctor did not say to do this, but I was forewarned by research on the web)
-I was not prescribed anything with codeine, but was going to refuse it (in theory) if prescribed because it constipates me terribly. I had a strong NSAID, which I needed only for the first 1.5 days.
-I have a very healthy diet anyway, no sugars, low on red meat, low on carbohydrates, no alcohol, and ate even more sparingly prior to and just after the surgery
-my surgeon prescribed sitz baths with Malva tea (a loose tea/herb I buy in a health shop). Malva has anti-inflammatory and antio-biotic properties (apparently)
-my surgery, which removed three hemorrhoids using laser, also involved a lateral incision beside my anus, underneath an external hemorrhoid. It will drain some pus for about a month apparently, and was left open for this purpose. Confusingly I find no mention of this on the web, and plan to ask my doctor to give me more details on it. It has been uncomfortable but nothing more.
-I was up and about immediately, and could sit without pain, and now feel almost normal except for some gas, and not being able to walk for a long time
-the first BM was 2 days post op. They have been regular, and yes, uncomfortable for the first week, but nothing more
-my doctor was not expecting me to have pain so I don't think I'm exceptional. He has done 5,000 of them, 2,000 with laser. When I told him before the operation that I had been scared out of wits by this thread, he said it was hard to compare recoveries because the procedures can vary so much.

Perhaps there will be some surprises to come, but so far, the experience has been uneventful. Truly, though, my sympathy for those who have suffered above.


First Thank You to everyone for sharing your experiance. I am absolutly scared out of my mind to have this surgery. :'( I am schedualed for May 9th. I have read all your blogs and find them helpful, I found this site by mistake but thank the lord for all of you. My dr told me it would be exruciating pain (sorry for the spelling) but like so many were told the recovery would be 1 sometimes 2 weeks. I am starting to think they get a major bounes to schedual this sx. I have repeatedly asked for pre -surgery prep from nurses and dr's but have only been told about the no food etc 12 hrs before surgery. I am 30 and have had this problem for 6 years and was told I needed to have it done a while ago but really don't want to and know the doubt is even greater. Any and all advice to make this horrible sx better I welcome it. Its also nice having people to talk to about this because its really not a comfortable conversation to have with friend and co-workers. :$ I also have a 6 year old and would like to know if anyone knows how long I should expect extra help? Will getting her ready for school going to be possable after a week or should i expect longer. I know I will not be able to drive her ecspecialy being on pain medication but what about everything elese?


My personal experience in response to your q's - my doctor told me I would be in extreme pain and out of work, in bed, for 1 week; back to normal in 4-6 weeks. I was in extreme pain and out of work for 1 1/2 weeks; still in a lot of pain to 2-3 weeks. Now 4 weeks past surgery, I still have pain after BMs that requires taking percocet an average of 1 pill/day. I am definitely not back to normal - still very swollen and sore. But I'm able to function and do most of my normal activities except jogging. I find the pain makes me tired, however.

I have 2 kids (12 and 8) and I would never have made it through the first week if not for my husband who did everything. I did not come out of the bedroom for several days. After a week I was able to do about half my normal routine. By two weeks I was doing everything around the house I used to do (meals, laundry, care for kids, clean, etc. - plus work) but I was (really) grumpy a lot because of the pain.

I can't say yet that this has been worth it because I am not yet healed and don't know what the final result will be like. I can say I think it is the worst experience I've had, worse even than following childbirth when I had major tearing and a grapefruit-sized hematoma that req'd surgery due to damage following forceps delivery. I was sitting on a donut for a month after that. (Although my memory of that pain may have faded by now). But, I can also say that I'm getting through it and you would too. Early on I thought there was no way this could be worth it but now I think maybe in the long run it will be. Others that have posted have said it has been. A few have had less awful experiences - maybe you'll be lucky - but it's probably good to have realistic expectations. I know that my doctor had to remove a lot of tissue so my experience may be worse than normal.


Thank You munchkin1960! It helps to know how much help I will need. My husband did not help me after my hysterectomy so I tore and prolonged recovery. This time I wanted to make sure I have help long enough to hopefuly not make it worse. My surgery is in 7 days and I hve to say I get more scared each day. Did anyone find any little things that made recovery easier? Any foods, home remadis, a certin stool softner, laxatives, etc. I don't eat very healthy now am slightly over weight but trying to find high fiber food now. Did anyone also have any problems with nausea and pain medication I have in the past. Do you know anything to help lower the nausia and do the pain meds cause a lot of problems with constipation. I am sorry for the million questions, honestly not sure I can go through with this :'( I hope in the long run it is worth it! I hope everyone the best of luckfor recovery and my prayers to help everyone move past the pain


I had my surgery this past Friday 5/2/2008. It was a very tough decision to go thru having read lots of posts on internet about the extreme pain and regret of having it done. All I know is I tried EVERYTHING I could to rid myself of the pain with external hemm. since starting treatment with gastro doctor JAN 08 (I had pains before starting NOV 07 but I guess before January I just thought I was having stomach issues or just felt altogther crazy cause I never had experienced that pain before)..we went thru enemas (ohh not pleasant to try and retain all night), suppositories (again not pleasant), creams, ointments (god in heaven took nitro BID (nitrocylcerin)..NEVER take this I landed up havng side effect of muscle pain all over I couldn't move, it was extremely painful!), Proctofoam (awful awful stuff, burned like hell), took flex sigmod test, etc. etc. Analpram was only thing that worked, although for only about 3 weeks then it was back to the constant throbbing/stabbing pain and need to use restroom. I just didn't feel like I was living anyhow, just getting thru the days. It has caused stress with my boyfriend cause he wanted to help me but of course he couldn't all he could do was listen and hold me while I cried. It affected us even doing anything anyhow, the pain was so intense and having to strain to have BM since not trying hurt as well. I am hoping the external hemm. was my only issue (I say this because flex sigmod didn't reveal anything major but I feel I led them to the external hemm. possibility) because the pain of the surgery IS extreme! Its no lie! I have cried off and on constantly since my surgery. Friday night I didn't sleep at all, crying , taking 1 percocet every 4 hours to no help. My boyfriend came home from work at 130am or so and called doctor, he said to up it to 2 percocets with advil as well. I did this and it finally helped, I had to continue that every 4 hours as pain was unbearable. I backed off as much as I could but still landed up taking percocet multiple times daily since then..which I didn't want to do since constipation can be caused of course, not to mention my desire to return to work..but sadly that is just not realistic that quick... (I should note I AM following other directives such as Benefiber in morning, at least 4 sitz baths with hot water, stool softner in evening). Now I ran thru all my percocet and doctor office prescribed me Loratab (Vicodin). Guess we will see how that goes along with Advil or Motrin. 8-|

Basically I just wanted to say if you suffered for months with the hemmrhoid as I did with no relief and its affecting your life, take the time to get the surgery done and see if it helps. At this point obviously I don't know what my end result will be -- I have good days and bad (and worse :'( ). Now it seems I can deal with the throbbing for most part but once I have BM it tears me up and the stabbing unbearable pain returns. Right now I am looking at 2 weeks out of work to return mid May, which I think is more realistic then having been told everyone heals differently but you may "need a few days". HA HA HA. A few days??? I think they try to not scare the hell out of you but honestly I'd rather they just tell the absolute hard facts which I knew basically when I went into it by researching and getting 2nd opinion from my doctor then just the surgeon.

Good luck to everyone, I will try and post more as I continue my journey to hopefully a pain free life (I have plans to go to Beach in June, hopefully I will recover fully by then to enjoy it! and start living again)