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Dear guest, getting the surgery has been completely worth it. For me, it wasn't too bad. I, like you had terrible hem's. I actually posted my story of the whole experience on 9/24. I'm seven weeks post op now and I feel great. Starting running and exercise again 4 weeks post op, took my daughter to Cedar Point amusement park 5 weeks post op, and went on vacation to NYC for the weekend at 6 weeks post op.

Every one is different. It's not as bad for some versus others. My experience was positive. I had them just as bad as you, and you have no idea how good it feels to have them completely gone.

Good luck with your decision.


I got my surgery done on 10-08-08 @ 12 pm. My surgery was going for 2 hours. My Dr. told me that he never saw so huuuuge Hemorrhoids since he is been in business. He removed 3 of them. He told me after my surgery--when I was in recovery room that I lost lots of blood,but I'll be ok. I visit this forum 2 days before my surgery. Also I talked to my friend who's got a same surgery before. And he gave me honest feedback about recovery e.t.c He was honest about everything--Thanks god! I can tell you how much I was suffering. Day 1--my wife take me to ER,because I was swalled up so bad--I can't urinate. They have to put a catteter to my penis. I was using it for 1 week. Now you can only immagine--go to toilet for BM--with the catteter in my penis... Week 2--I am still in horrible pain. I was taken to hospital---so they can remove catteter. Come back home. I want to give a good advise to anybody who is in recovery. Use a Milk of Magnesia---right away after your meal with full glass of water. I don't know what about you,guys,--I was eating 1 time a day. 1 bowl of chicken broil. That's it. There is 2 good things about it--1) Your BM nice and painless 2) I lost about 35 lbs---and I feel great! I am eating right now normal food--but I am still using Milk of Magnesia. I eat lots of high fiber food and drink lots of water. At least 12 glasses a day. My final check up Dr. apptmnt. is 12-03-08


My wife had the hemorrhoidectomy 4 days ago. She has been in terrible pain since. We found this site before the surgery, and we thought that we had an idea of how bad it was going to be. It's worse.
She has had the hemorrhoids for 18 years now. At this point, she said that she should have kept them. She has been taking her Percoset every 4 hours. She has been doing the sitz bath 4 times a day. She is taking her colace as well as fiber. Today was her first attempt at a BM. She just about passed out. She passed a lot of blood as well as blood clots. I had to help her to the bath so she could sit. It pains me to see my wife cry and nothing can be done to help. We called the surgeon and he said that all she can do is double up on the Milk of Magnesia. She is also walking when she is able. I hope that the pain will ease soon for her. Thanks for the helpul hints on most of the posts.
The idea of putting a stepping stool in front of the toilet was a help.


I was scheduled for surgery this Friday but after spending a few hours reading all your posts, I decided to call and cancel it. I should at least get a second opinion. I have moderate hemorrhoids externally with one that bleeds a couple of times a year. It takes 2 - 3 weeks to finally heal up and then I really don't notice it. I had seen a Dr. about a year ago and he did not recommend surgery but thought I should avoid straining, use wet wipes instead of TP and eat more fiber. About 3 weeks ago I had diarreah and ended up with a few weeks of bleeding....not a lot but enough to be aggravating. I had researched IRC on the internet and thought I'd see a specialist that performed the proceedure. This past Monday I saw the doc and he spent 10 seconds looking a my rear and said I should have surgery. I was floored. He signed me up for Fri. and said I should take a week off from work. After doing a little research I realized I was getting way in over my head. The surgery should be a last resort. If not for this site, I would be having this performed in 2 days. Thank you so much......I'm goiing to try to see if there are any better alternatives for getting an (sometimes) annoying external hemorrhoid to stop swelling and bleeding. God Bless!!


I just had mine done on Tuesday. Apparently, my consultant said he's glad I had this done because things were not looking good and it needed a bit of work there. I had a hemorrhoidectomy on an external one and several banding plus the staple for internal.

It wasn't too painful at the beginning, but BM is very stressful. The first day after the surgery, I felt really bloated, I could not pass the gas out as it felt like a complete blockage. I was given anti-inflamtory and 2 different kind of laxatives. But I don't feel they are working at least for the time being. I felt so bloated that eventually I pass out very tiny amount along with some gas but surprisingly without any pain. I thought that was a good sign. But wait till the 3rd day (post surgery), i.e today, it was like hell with a proper BM. The first batch was very hard, it is so difficult to pass them out, like passing cactus, not to mention with blood and everything. Then even more stressful when I saw the rubber band came out into the toilet bowl. I thought I have strained too much, it felt like my flesh and everything inside were torn open. Once I got the hard ones out of the way, my normal one were able to pass out with a little pain and blood but still very stressful. I called the consultant about the rubber band, his secretary says that's normal. Because of the laxative, my stomach is constantly feeling a bit cramp and have the feeling of needing to BM, but nothing came out when sitting on the toilet except pain and feeling very swollen. I am thinking to reduce my laxative to once day as opposed to twice. I am now dreading tomorrow's BM time. Glad that I came across this site. I am taking some of the advices others had posted here, trying to drink as much water as I can at the moment and will get in the tub soon. I can only pray for a better tomorrow.


Well it's been a week and a day since my wife's surgery. We went to the surgeon for her 1 week checkup. She laid there in pain, crying while we were waiting on him for 1 hour. He said that she had the typical swelling post op. She basically lays in the be crying, praying that another BM will not come, though we all know otherwise. He wrote her a script for Torodal, percoset as well as promethazine for nausea. The last was at our request.
We told him that we were following all post op procedures, i.e. colace, metamucel, and soft meals. SHe is still taking sitz baths throughout the day/night as well as sits in the tub after each BM. The pain level is exremely high, and we have to help her to the toilet then from the toilet to the tub. She is bleeding more than she did when she first came out of surgery. She has had only 7-8 hours sleep since 4 days ago.
will update as she gets a little better


I had my surgery on the 14th of nov, 2008 and it's been 5 days. I found this website 2 days after the operation and its been so helpful! It's wonderful to read all of your experiences and for the first time i know i am not alone!

needless to say i am still in a lot of pain and cant imagined having this surgery done at the age of 50 or older. it's the worse pain i had ever experienced especially the the first 3 days after the operation. i wasnt even able to get out of bed the first 2.. peeing took 10 mins of standing there..

I have been suffering from hemorrhoid for the past 17 years or so and it's gotten wose in the last couple of years. I felt my life's been hijacked from it. I tried everything from creams, sepositiries, and 4 times of the hemorrhoid bending. nothing worked and only reliefing the burning briefly... i was just so sick and tired of it...

I looked forward to the surgery and was prepared for the pain... however i wasnt prepared for this... i think pain is one thing but than i am now panicing because I cant have a BM for a 3 days now and am really scared. I usually have BM once a day and right now i cant feel anything downthere but pain... pain killers does work but it doesnt help my BM.

i am now scared that i wont be able to go and how much it will hurt when i do go... i have been eating tons of fiber but nothing is happening other than passing a little gas which is also painful.

worse yet i still feel a huge swell down there and seems like the hemorrhoids are still there... i hope i didnt go through this for nothing... nothing but pain


Day 9. For my wife it has been PURE HELL. Here is a list of everything that she is taking. juice with metamucil mixed in. 2 times a day
2.milk of magnesia. 4TBSP once a day
3.colace. 2 pills at night (going to 4 pills)

After passing blood clots a couple of days ago, and a couple of very small BM's, she can't go anymore. She is in absolute Agony. She tries to have a BM, pressure and pain makes her just about pass out, but nothing happens. She is taking the sitz baths, as well as soaking in the tub after every attempt to go. Averaging 10 baths per day.

For pain, she is taking 1 toradal and percoset every 5 hours along with a promethazine. They aren't touching the pain or nausea. I just sent my son to the store to get a fleet prep. She is going to try that now. Getting desperate at this point. I am scanning the threads to see if there is anything else that she can try.

I wish that the surgeon would have gave her a better understaning of what she was going to have to go through.


I am on day 2 of my surgery. It is not pretty but I wanted to share an important piece of info for you for your wife. Get your dr. to prescribe valium. I take 1 vicodin, 2 extra motirn and a valium every four hours. The first am dose is important because it gets you through the first BM. I also drink, first thing in the morning, 8 oz of prune juice mixed wih teaspoon of Konysyl. The stools are very soft but I'm not competitive at this point and I don't need to pass a big log yet, but if you bite a towel, the valium relaxes your sphincter and it slips out with some discomfort but tolerable. Jump in a hot sitz bath afterward and you'll feel better. Your rectum needs to relax and the valium helps. The first eve of the surgery my doctor had my drink 4oz Phillips Mag, 4 oz mineral oil and two ducloax tablets and it basically poured out of me with no effort in spite of a spastic rectum. Thats why the hot soaks help relax that muscle. Also as uncomfortable it is, you need to move around. Drink lots of water too. I have suffered for 15 years with these hemorrhoids and the last two weeks I had profuse bleeding which scared me to no end. I was loosing a pint with each bowel movement so I had no choice. This recovery can be managed. Its not easy and it may take a while but when you have no choice, it is unfortunately the best solution. KEY WORD: valium


After putting up with them for 15 years, I had a Hemerrhoidectomy on Oct. 24 for Internal and External Hems. My Dr. (Dr. George Bock, NYC surgeon who is getting too senile to operate - avoid him like the plague) assured me this operation was not a big deal, was routine, and that I'd be back at work in a few days, but no heavy lifting.
The REALITY is that you should take no less than 2 WEEKS OFF, even if you have a desk job, because of the pain. Don't let these Drs. downplay the pain and suffering you're about to go thru. IT'S WORTH IT, after all is done, but it's not easy.
A month later, I'm still having pain, but it's getting better every day. Hang in there, fellow pain sufferers, your lot will improve. And remember, Percoset is constipating, just like every other Codeine-based pain killer, so don't overdo it.


One other thing, your DIET is very important - high fiber, low sugar, no white flour and low carbs are what you should be doing. And drink LOTS of water - 100 ounces EVERY DAY. Your life will be much easier and not as painful. And you'll lose weight!!

By the way, if you live in New York or New Jersey and are thinking of getting a Hemerroidectomy, I suggest contacting Dr. Bruce Gingold, who is in NYC. He's an excellent Doctor. DO NOT call Dr. George Bock, also in NYC, who isn't so good.

Some of you read these posts and are afraid to get the procedure done. Don't let the horror stories scare you. Better to get rid of hems than have to deal with them. You'll be better off in the long run. Does it hurt for weeks after the surgery? Hell YES! But it also depends on the individual. We all have a different tolerance for pain.

One month after surgery it still hurts to take a BM, but it's getting better every day. The pain doesn't last forever.


This is very good advice. Not all are horror stories.

Unfortunately, most Doctors are complacent with the procedure.

I still get uncomfortable moments in the toilet - this is due to my ... uh hum... pooh now been a normal size!

Anywho, my story is here:


I was surfing for some pain relief and came across this thread. All of u have been wonderful to share your experiences. Frankly, I was kinda shocked and scared after reading about BM pain as I am waiting for my first BM after surgery. I would like to share this with you all.

I had 4th degree prolasped, thromosed piles n had a haemorrhoidectomy. I was put on local anesthesia so I didnt feel much pain after the surgery. I was told doc has put a huge cotton soaked with morphine and some other solution to keep me off pain down there. It helps. It wasnt very painful. When i had my first pee 6 hrs after surgery, somehow, the cotton dropped off. When the pain kicks in, doc gave me jab, a kinda of pain killer. It helps. I was given fibregel twice a day, lactus 3 times a day, synflex 2 times a day. I took Milo drink in the morning, had soup in the afternoon and a few spoonful of porridge for dinner for two days in hospital. I try to avoid food as I was scared of BM.

It was my 3rd day after surgery, at home now. I eat raisin bread for breakfast and had either soup or watery porridge thru the day. Been trying to avoid BM since I read horror stories online. Well, not long ago, I just had my first BM after surgery. It was a little scary at first. When the movement was almost there, I do feel a little pain. Somehow, when it was over, I was surprised its easy and not very painful. I felt relief. I went straight for sitz bath after BM. It does helps alot. I am glad that i did not feel much pain neither did I bleed alot.

What i did to divert my concentration on pain is I had my mp3 headset on, holding on a towel tightly and singing with the song. This might hv help me to overcome my first BM. I just hope the second BM onwards will be just as easily.

Remember, drink fibre drinks like fibregel, lactus to soften the stools, drink lot of barley water, eat bread or watery fish porridge, eat fruits like grapes or bananas, walk a little a few times a day .... least it helps me wif my pain and BM.

I was given 2 weeks medical leaves. I guess doc knows it will be a long way to recovery.

I do know how it feels when the pain attacks. everyone has different tolerance level and I now know how far I can take. Take care all.


I had my internal and external roids removed almost 4 months ago now and at the time I have to admit I didn't have much pain. I was told it would be day surgery, out the same day, then came the shocker that I had to stay in hospital till I had my first BM. I like my own toilet so it took me 4 painful days of trying before they let me out (never went till I got home although I told them I had). I was off work for two weeks with the first week comprising mainly of bed rest, drinking fiber suppliments, stool softners and drinking loads of water.

Every BM was like passing broken glass and I couldn't venture too far from home in case I needed to go. This has now passed and my BM are more regular than ever....I could set my watch to them. Still take the fibre suppliments, all bran is the best, and stool softners but not as much.

Although I have been good with my diet etc my BM can still be a little painfull on occasions and never any bigger than finger width. I have never been checked over since having my op and I have noticed some skin tags which are starting to really annoy me.

At this point I don't regret having the surgery, way better than what it was but I would not have more surgery to remove the tags.

Can anyone please reasure me that these could go away or did I go through the surgery for nothing.

At this point I would encourage anyone to think long and hard before this type of surgery, it should not be taken lightly. I've had two kids with no pain relief and have a very high pain tolerance but I had days when I just wanted to die the pain was so severe and some times I would never have known I'd had surgery.

I'm happy with the results but just need a little reassurance, fingers crossed the tags will vanish in time.


I am 30yo and I have had internal hemorrhoids for over a year now. At least I think I have - I only went to a doctor a month or so ago and wasn't comfortable with her doing an exam so she took my word for it and prescribed suppositories and lactulose. That didn't help. I don't know what caused the hemorrhoids - I'm slim, previously perfectly healthy and I don't think my diet is that bad. Stumbled across this board and have now scared myself to the point of tears reading everyone's experiences. I don't know how bad mine are on the scale of things - I have to wear panty liners in case of 'leaks' between bathroom stops and there is usually blood when I go to the bathroom whether or not I have a BM - sometimes it seems like quite alot (a recent blood test showed I have slightly low iron levels - I wonder if this is why). Sometimes I really feel like I have to go so I strain (I try not to but it's almost automatic) but there's nothing there - and this just makes it worse.

I would really appreciate some pointers on what I can change to try to clear the hemorrhoids up without taking more drastic action (I'm hoping mine haven't got to the stage where they're bad enough to require surgery). I am too embarrassed to discuss this with anyone and I'm not good with doctors - I'd rather not let anyone near my rear end thank you very much! What can I do to get rid of them??