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My husband thought since it was an outpatient surgery it would be like having a tooth removed. Wrong! After the surgery I took a cab home. I can honestly say it was the most painful surgery I have ever had. Worse than childbirth, a hysterectomy and a nose job.


I had my surgery eleven days ago (Nov 20/08) My internal hemorrhoids had been bleeding profusely for 2 years, which led to severe anemia. For a year prior to my surgery, I had a standing appointment at the hospital , 3 times a week for IV iron. I was lucky that my hemorrhoids did not cause pain, however the anemia was causing many complications including severe fatigue, heart palpitations, dizziness and poor concentration. Banding was attempted earlier this year however it was unsuccessful. My doctor did warn me that the recovery would be nasty. I felt prepared, as I have endured many painful events in my 34 years including a shattered tibia requiring bone graphs, a ruptured uterus during childbirth which ultimately ended up with an emergency c-section. I had my bladder punctured during a hysterectomy....I had menegitis diagnosed by a lumbar puncture and have suffered from multiple ruptured ovarian cysts the size of tennis balls. Pain? bah,,,,I'd been there and done that.
WELL. I was not prepared.
The first night home from surgery was unbelievable. The percocets prescribed every 4 hours did not touch the pain, which I can only describe as fire in your entire, um, nether region. My first attempt at urination almost made me pass out. My husband had to catch me as I was falling to the floor and he said it was like I was dying. (After that, for several days, I could only urinate in the tub.) Later, the pain left me crying uncontrollably, (that is when I wasn't vomiting.) My husband didn't leave my side and it was finally when I told him I wanted to die that he called for an ambulance. He knew it was serious when I didn't object.
The ER changed my pain meds to 4mg dilaudid every 4 hours. This did improve things. The pain did not go away completely but it was certainly manageable and I slept for 2 hours. However then the pain started back in and I was in agony again. They readjusted my dose to 4mg dilauded every 3 hours plus 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 hours. Much better. SO HERE IS MY FIRST POINT OF ADVICE TO EVERYONE: get the right pain med dose. Yes, you should expect pain, but you will know ...Your pain should not be above an 8. It will not go away completely, but it should not be uncontrolable, "just kill me now" pain. Pain killers at the right dose should bring you to at least a 6.
On day 2, my mother in law brought over topical witch hazel to make small compresses using flat cotten facial pads. I just tucked this "in there" under my underwear.....rather my hubbie's underwear since my style of undies did not do the job. ADVICE #2 to all you gals out there......invest in some cotton briefs. Lace and or gstrings are not cool during this period. XD The witch hazel defintely gave some added relief. I was able to do my required walking around my house and take my required baths. At this point, the baths were not pleasant for me, although I've read in this thread that they were wonderful for most even from the beginning and I know they promote healing so do them whether it's hard or not.
Post op, I had been advised that packing was inserted in my rectum and would likely pass on it's own in the first day. If not, I was advised to remove it. Well....attempting that was not fun at all. Even with a very lubed finger, reaching up in there felt like I was tearing myself apart, yet I could feel no packing. I had to soak for hours afterwards to ward off the pain.
I still had no appetite, and what little I did eat would not stay down. I still took the stool softeners (Colace) recommended anyways.
By day 3, I was able to eat some bran cereal and a few figs (CAUTION: Do not eat figs....more on that later). (My surgeon had told me that no special diet was required ?!?, but I decided to stick to high fiber with lots of water. Because I had yet to have a BM, I took MoM as directed.
By day 4, the MoM was ineffective. Even though I hadn't eaten much post surgery, I knew I should still have a BM as I had eaten well the day before my surgery, yet did not have a BM, even with the enema that was administered just before the surgery. Plus the pressure was building. Also since the incident of trying to remove the packing, I began to experience very excruciating anal spasms that do indeed, as others have written, feel like a hot cattle prod up your backside. The delaudid did nothing for this. I would get them about every minute. Luckly, they only last about 2 seconds, and while they take your breath away, the subside as quickly as the come.
Because of the lack of BM, the ever present packing which I was concerned would start to cause an infection, the inability to urinate on the toilet and new spasms, I called my surgeon, only to find out that his office was closed down due to a fire in his building. I went to emerg and they prescribed oxezapam ( I believed this is called Selex in the US ....I'm in Canada) to relax me (which helped with the spasms, urinating and the general anxiety I was experiencing from the lack of BM). ADVICE #3...get some anti anxiety medication.....oxezapam is working for me, although I've read Valium helps too)....They also prescribed lactulose 30cc 3 times daily to get my bowels moving. I was also advised that the packing was SELF DISOLVING. OMG> WHY for the love of God noone told me this, I will never understand. ADVICE #4....clarify what type of packing is being inserted and if it is self disolving, leave it there as trying to remove it will cause a lot of unnecessary grief.
Day BM
Day BM I stopped the narcotic pain meds on my own. I knew they were constipating and I was getting desparate. I switched to advil and tylenol only.
Day 7... no BM On all of these days, my diet was scarce but consisted of greens, tomato soup, peasoup (caused a ton of gas, so beware), bran cereal, probiotic yogurt and tons of water and benefibre.
By Day 8, with still no "movement", as you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty darn uncomfortable by now, so I tried by surgeon again, only to get the message that due to the fire in his building, his office is shut down until further notice. Great. DUE TO THE FIRE IN MY BOTTOM, my body will also be shut down until further notice! XD I called my family physician who promised to fax a new laxative RX to my pharmacy. Unfortunately, it never arrived when my hubby went to pick it up that afternoon. By that time, my Dr's office was closed for the weekend and I was no further ahead.
But then that evening of Day 8, it happened. OMG. It was the most terrifying experience of my life to date. I was home alone with my 8 year old son. I think at this point, I thought I'd NEVER have a BM, so when my husband decided to run out for a bit, I didn't think twice. I thought I just had to urinate and then it came. I started to moan and scream and then the blood came. Now, as I mentioned, I had been bleeding profusely daily for almost 2 years prior to surgery, but when you see that much blood while you are feeling that much pain, it is horrifying. My son heard me and started to panic. God love his little heart. He called my sister who lives next door. She wasn't home. He called my husband on his cell to come home. I could hear the panic in his voice and through the pain I did everything I could to stop from passing out. I was seeing blinding white, then black, then blinding white again... My whole body was convulsing. I called for my son to get me my pain meds. I had stripped naked because my body was drenched with sweat. I actually had to open the bathroom door to allow my son to pass me the medication. He saw everything. He started to cry. He wanted to call 911. I told him to call my husband and talk with him until he got home. Finally, my husband got home and got me to the tub. I was in excruciating pain for an hour. AND ALL I PASSED WAS SOMETHING THE SIZE OF A WALNUT! Luckily, my sister arrived home and agreed to take my son for the night. For the rest of the night I suffered moderate pain and severe anxiety. I was indeed, up all night.
ADVICE #5. Try to avoid being solely responsible for the care of a child during the times of BM. (Or for the first couple of days post surgery for that matter). The experience is very traumatic for them. ALso, don't underestimate the pain you will experience. I am generally a very independent person, however I would hate to be alone and pass out during the process of these inital BMs.
Day 9: I slept alot. The events of the previous night wore me out completely.
Day 10. Started out okay. I actually played cards with my son. I felt motivated to shower and actually fix my hair....maybe even put on some makeup. It never happend though. Early afternoon, I decided to first take a bath. Then the pressure started again. I stood up, passed gas, and blood sprayed everywhere. I made it to the toilet and was a bit more prepared this time with 2 small (airline sized)folded pillows, similar to the way that you line a public toilet seat with tp. Another pillow to hug. A small step stool to maintain the proper squatting position. A small cloth to bite into. My son, obliviouly happy, playing street hockey outside. My husband, just a shout away. The physical pain was the same. I shook. I cried. I became drenched with sweat. I prayed. My husband got a cold cloth for the back of my neck. The BM got stuck and I had to reach down and break it off twice. I was took weak to wipe. My husband helped me and my bloody, crappy mess to the tub. 2 MORE WALNUTS. yay. The burning lasted for about an hour. Then lots of gas, into the tub with small specs of blood and feces.....At closer examination, I realized there were small fig seeds, which I had eaten over a week earlier floating all around me. nice.
I spent several more hours in the tub, then finally I felt I had the energy to take a quick soapy shower to clean myself up. My husband put me to bed and I actually had a solid 12 hour sleep.
So here I am today. It's been eleven days. While the horrible initial pain has vastly improved, I've essentially only passed 3 walnut sized stool. I now have extreme BM anxiety. I can't tell if I'm going to pass gas or have a BM. I know there's a lot left to come out and I am praying it is going to start to get easier.


I am 10 days post-op on a thrombosed external hemorrhoidectomy that was done on a Monday. I have to say that initially during the first week, things weren't that bad. Starting on Friday and during the weekend, I experienced severe pain during each BM. The only thing that I could do to help the pain was jump in a warm sitz bath. This worried me because I would not be able to do this while at work. That weekend seemed to be the worst and things seem to be getting better, now. The wound seems to be healing, but slowly. There still seems to be some swelling (little bumps that make you think are more hemorrhoids), but in looking at many posts online and talking to my surgeon, this seems to be a common swelling from the procedure that will go down with more time. I still ahve drainage from that area, but since the area is healing and rebuilding tissue and skin, this is going to be common until that is complete. You will notice discharge from any cut as it heals.

One thing I am wondering about is the best way to sleep at night. I was told during discharge to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs to help keep that area more open for circulation. Does anyone else know a better way to sleep to help with healing?

I knew this wasn't going to be a peachie trip by having this surgery, but in the end it will be worth it. It just stinks that in the area that the wound is in, the healing process takes a little longer than it would in another area of your body. I am interested to hear how others are sleeping and coming along in their healing process.


It is day 10 in my recovery and I am looking for some support! I had one external hemorrhoidectomy on a Monday. That week wasn't very bad as far as the pain went. I still had a fresh wound and had just begun the healing process, so that was a little depressing. However, that weekend, I had some of the worst pain during a bowell movement and the only comfort was to jump in a warm sitz bath. I was scared becase I know I wouldn't be able to do that while at work. This week seems to be a little better. The pain with a BM seems to have gone down, but it is still tender and I have to handle with care after the BM. Still taking a sitz bath at least twice a day (hopefully). Also, still having some drain from that area, but I don't think that will stop until the wound is more healed. The drainage is from the healing process (and there will still be some blood until the wound heals). I am hoping to be better soon as this is starting to get I also have a few bumps arond the perimeter of the wound that make you think they are more hemorrhoids that have formed. I sincerely hope this isn't the case. I have read in many places on the web and from my surgeon that this is normal and it is just swelling from the surgery area that will eventually go down. Anyone else have these?

I am curious as to anyone else who has had an external hemorrhoidectomy how their recovery went and about how long it took to heal. Also, I am wondering the best way to sleep at night. I was told at discharge to sleep with a pillow between the legs on my side to help open that area for air circulation to aid in healing. Anyone else know a better way to sleep to help heal better? How do you sleep?

Appreciate your response to this and best healing to everyone that is on here trying to find something to help them get through this.


Like some of you it was a total shock at the age of 34 and in shape. Of all the things....Anyhow ever since the recovery time that took a painful 3 months and about 9 months all together but after the 3 months things went much better. To prevent it I take Fiber Plus twice a day and stay away from soda.......


I had my BM on the 3rd night, and it does feel like everyone has a butt plug and I think i read about every post. So, many sections. Before surgery I could relax and just let my stool slide. Now its like a new baby butt and u have to PUSH HARD.

Now on my 6th day, I found out sitting in my warm/hot toliet stool and go BM is much easier and painless. IF i don't do nasty pooo in water toliet seat, I prepare myself for spiky pain and after effects.

IF i have known to PUSH from the doctor or advice I would be more well prepare and not be clueless and worried about the 1st BM:. :'( Poooo can't be relax and slide by itself anymore. ITS PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH and the PAIN depends on your diet for less pain.


Here we are going on week 6. Wife has to have a 2nd surgery (outpatient) in two days. It's a lateral internal sphincterotomy. Doc said that she is not healing as she should. External looks better, but worse than when she went in for the original surgery.
She is still in bed with the pain, especially after BM's. She has taken all the laxatives as directed by the surgeon, as well as continued pain medicine, Percocets, Toradol every 4-6 hours.
Doc says surgery should end the major pain ( fissure ) that is keeping her in the bed.
THis has changed our way of eating. Definitely added more veggies & fiber to our daily diet.


It's one week today for me. I was supposed to have staples, but the doctor decided the roids were much worse than he had thought and the stapling wouldn't do the trick (a fine thing to find out after your surgery, but what are you going to do...). Anyway my surgery was on Thursday morning. Supposed to be outpatient but I couldn't pee afterwards so they catheterized me (ow, to put it mildly) and kept me overnight and most of the next day. I took oxycodone for several days, but wish I had quit earlier; I assume that's what bound me up so I couldn't get anything moving until Monday, despite taking colace and fiber laxative every day. On Monday I took milk of magnesia and passed that wretched plug that night. Very bad but sort of a relief, of course. I couldn't move anything else the next day so I took another dose of MM and things really started going. Another bad night but that's been the worst of it, I hope. Now that I've been off the oxycodone I'm thinking the fiber pills, or colace, or both, will have to go; I'm having diarrhea and that's as bad as the other extreme. BMs are still pretty bad but like everyone else says, get in the tub after! You'll become a hot-water addict. I hope to go back to work next Monday for at least a limited schedule. I think the doctor could have given me more warning on how much pain to expect.


A relative of mine just had thrombosed internal and external hemrrhoid which required surgery. The doctor said 3 weeks recovery approximately. Would it be ok to travel then? The flight is 12 hours which is quite worrying....


I had hemrrhoid surgery a week after giving birthy by ceasarian section. This surgery was the was the worst and most painful experience I ever experienced. I was constipated after giving birth, so the Gynaecologist gave me suppositries. However, this did not help at all, in fact they inflamed the hemrrhoids to the size of two large grapes, which made sitting almost impossible.
With the caesarian staples still in my lower abdomen, I underwent the hemrrhoidectomy. The pain was excruciating!
After visiting the toilet several times, the "plug" would not budge. I was administered a "aenema", which after excructiating moments of pushing and pressing, helped pushed the plug and numerous other stools out of my body. Needless to say, I suffered severe bleeding every time I passed stools and suffered inexplicable pain.
After several days I was released from hospital, but still suffered pain and rawness for weeks on end.
After healing I noticed that wiping after passing stools has become a laborious task. I use up to one roll of toilet paper as it takes many wipes for the are to be clean. After wiping with toilet paper, I wash the area with soap and water, but find that after a few minutes, some seeping still takes place. Is there a way to eliminate this "seeping" onto my underwear? I tried eating fibre, I also took laxatives in order to pass out all the stools, but it has not helped at all. Any suggestions?


This is day 5 post removal of thrombosed external hemorrhoid. No one could have possibly conveyed to me how painful this recovery period would be. Other people's experiences with this pain from these posts has helped me understand this somewhat but I am still so discouraged because the pain has been unrelenting. I am a 46 year old extremely active fit female (skiing, tennis, running) with a good diet. I also feel my level of pain threshold is fairly high. (went through 3 kids and a bad appendix w/ peritonitis - dealt with it fine).

I had a very painful external thrombosed hemorrhoid I had lanced about four weeks ago. That procedure helped but the hemorrhoid returned. The surgeon recommended excising the rroid to prevent re occurrence. Sounded like good advice. I guess I didn't ask enough questions about the recovery. The procedure was done on an outpatient basis in the dr.'s office. I went home with a prescription for darvocet and sitz baths. I found out quickly (hives and vomiting).I was very allergic to the pain drug (can't take codiene either). After about 6 hours after the local wore off - the pain was excruciating. I called the next day to report my allergy to the darvocet and to request other pain meds. They said all I could take was Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Right.

5 Days later I am still in the tub about every 2 hours. If I go past the four hours I am allowed to take the over the counter pain meds I am in hell. I moved my bowels finally 4 days after surgery and there are no words to describe how bad it was. It felt like I was eliminating glass shards out of my butt. Horrible. I am petrified to go again.

All I can hope for is that tomorrow will be different and there will be some kind of change in my pain level. For now, it has not ceased one iota. How can that be? I am young (Ok not that young) fit, healthy with no other physical problems. I cannot sit or do anything that is not agonizing. Do not go through this procedure unless you absolutely have to! I know everyone is different and heals at different rates, but this is the worst. I think someone else said it best. Minor surgery with maximum pain. In the meantime, I count the hours expecting some improvement - how long will I have to wait?


Either i had the best doctor in Thailand or I just healed fast. Live in the US no job means no insurances and hemroids got flared up really bad. Lucky I had a little savings and pently of time and; couldn't fly back. Why do it? No Insurance in US means you be paying $10,000-15,000 and Thailand u see a specialist really quick and cost me a $1,000. I swear I see more foreigners getting help. Anyways I could go on and on about US Health Care Service.

The First week will be painful and about the 4-5 day GF made me go walking around town. Maybe excise (walking) and standing helps to get use to it instead of laying in bed. Yes I know it does feel heavy when u stand but it will get lighter. 7th day should be walking around slowly and less pain. Within that 2 weeks the nerves and pains should be gone. Now im in my third week and able to walk at full speed and sit and move around. Still not %100 still feel weird BM and blood in Stool.

1). Don't Try to push every last drop if u been trying for 1-3mins STOP sit in the sitz toliet seat and relax (don't try to force a pea of pooo that won't come out).

2). If u have no shame use your sitz bath seat and go number 2 in it. Just for the 1st week it helps, the warm water relax and help release gas.

3). Doctor gave me some Constipation Pill OMFG its heaven, u will go BM in morning stress free. Trying to cut back on it maybe 1-2 times a weeks depends.

4). I'm a guy and no shame wearing a G-string and Tampons to catch the stains. Keep yourself clean and if u have a hairy butt trim it.

5). Got advice from Thai lady her secret and no surgery. Eat Tomatoes and Honey everyday, also heard another about taking Ampicillin (fights bacteria in your body). They all describe Internal size of a thumb. I don't think it helps if u have mix types. Who knows. LOL to late now.

I probably miss somethings and spamming but my post to long anyways. If i have hemorids again i'm never having this Surgery again I almost died. I also heard from my GF friends if u have Type A blood u have digestive problems and hemorids easily. So, I heard she ate lots of meat and after 2yrs she have it back again.


Hi All, thanks for posting. I don't feel so alone anymore. My GOD! I got this thing on Monday before Christmas. Never had a hemroid in my life so I didn't know what it was! BUT OMG, the pain!!! So I described it to my mother in law who said it was a hemroid and I should push it back up inside with vasaline! Bad Idea.

Called my doc who couldn't see me and told me to go to urgent care... THEY told it was an external thromobsed hemroid, which is the "worst kind because they have to be surgically removed." But they couldn't do it so they told me to go to ER if it got worse. Ended up in ER on Christmas Day where I had the thing cut out and the incision left open to drain. Back in ER yesterday because the bleeding got worse (turns out I passed more clots than the one the doc could see and squeeze out during the surgery).

Anyyone else with an open incision?

I can't sit. I can't drive. Even when I'm lying down, if the pain meds wear off, I'm in tears. I'm depressed from the pain and the incapacitiation... AND VERY WORST, I get NO SYMPATHY! Everyone things hemroids are funny. Or something you should get over like if you get a paper cut or something.

I'm 41. Had two children vaginally, endured episotomy others who posted, I am physically fit, healthy, great diet but I feel completely disabled by this thing and no one around me understands!

So now I am MAD on top of being in pain which makes me in more pain.

OK, done ranting :-(

So, here's what's helping me:

1. On the "going poo" front: I take double the stool softerns prescribed. They are over the counter if you run out of your RX (Ducolax). I take them morning and night and I drink tons of water.

2. When I pee, I pour water at the same time to dilute (a water bottle or squeeze top bottle works well).

3. I keep 4x4 gauze pads loaded up with the hydrocort cream or the procto foam (whatever your doc prescribes) inbetween my cheeks at all times (also doubles to soak up the constant bleeding).

4. When I absolutely have to drive, I sit on a "U" shaped cushion. I have a dislocated tail bone so I have these things on every chair. They are open in the back. Just GOOGLE "Coccyx Cushion" They really help.

What I want to know is - seriously - how long is this damn pain gonna last and HOW can an incision HEAL that's inside your butt cheeks, not exposed to air????

Also, is anyone else bloated from the pain meds. I look like a blow fish on top of everything else so I'm in pain and ugly. Wahhhhhh :-(


I see my regular doc for follow up tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and relating.


Dear Peers:

After reading several years worth of commentary, I want to share one of the few positive experiences to give people considering this procedure a little more hope. I had three internal hemorrhoids removed via a fullblown hemorrhoidectomy on December 30, 2008, supposedly the most painful of the hemorrhoid treatments. Today is New Year's Day and I am doing really well. I also had two skin tags removed at the same time. My perianal area looked horrible before the procedure but now it looks much better, even with a few stitches visible. My perianal area is now attractive even, if one can describe an a**hole as attractive.

I had been uncomfortable for over 10 years from the roids. The constant pinching was sometimes acutely painful and keeping clean after bm's was a constant struggle. Plus, the area was so unsightly from those skin tags that I found sex to be really embarassing. I'm talking normal sex, not backdoor sex, for anytime a woman spreads her legs her partner can see the perianal region.

Finally, I had the surgery, and I want you to know I am doing ok. I have been taking Vicodin ES for the pain every four hours or so since the surgery with a full glass of water each time, and Valium as a muscle relaxer every six hours or so, both as prescribed. With every Vicodin I take a Dulcolax, and in the morning and at night I take four ounces of Milk of Magnesia. Today I also had one tablespoon of Metamucil mixed in 8 oz of water that I then followed up with another 8 oz of water. In between meds I also drink lots of extra water and Lipton Diet Iced Tea with lemon for variation. No carbonated beverages or dairy products!

I have also been using a dab of prescription lidocaine ointment on the anal area after every visit to the bathroom which really helps with the burning and swelling. That stuff is fantastic. Just turning over in bed can be painful if you don't have that ointment to soothe the area.

I find I have to pee all the time, and for the first 2 days, sometimes with the pee came a watery stool discharge. Since it was watery it was not painful but it did sting a bit from the exposure to the external incisions. Rinsing off with a hand held shower helped clean me up and then sitting in a (clean) warm bath was really soothing afterwards. There has been no blotting with tp on the anal area as that proved very painful the first time I tried it. It's amazing how soothing a sitz bath can be even when you don't need it after having a bm. Sometimes I have had a stiz bath just because and it has been very helpful.

I will say that for the first 24 hours I felt like there was a golf ball in my rectum just waiting to come out. When I had my first watery bm it was very painful, as though lava were being sandblasted out of me, but moaning helped along with releasing stress thru tears, and then lying on my stomach with a heating pad on my rear after the sitz bath helped as well. I was better after about an hour of agonizing pain. It still felt like a golf ball was up in there but because I had the unmistakable signs of having had a bm, watery though it may have been, I was sure I was not constipated and hoped it was only swelling from the procedure.

The swelling has only begun to subside in the last five hours after a succession of watery bm's, none as painful as the first, which is why I am writing in case anyone else thinks they have something stuffed up in there or are constipated. Afterall, we just had a man's (or woman's) fist up our a** not to mention a tube, a scalpel, and God knows what else. It stands to reason it is going to be swollen for a while. And the packing that was done up there was biodegradable, so there should be no removing it on your own. It will just come out with your stool. At least that is that way it was for me.

Also, I want those who are interested to know that after 2 days of watery stools, I just had my first "loose" stool, where the fecal matter stuck together instead of just blending with the water. I have been afraid to push since we are not supposed to strain, and the swelling really confused me because I thought something was there which indicated constipation which I fear; but I didn't push, I didn't strain, and everything is coming out ok without all that. I do find it helpful to lift myself up off the seat a bit to relieve the pressure just caused from sitting on the toilet. It's true that sitting on the toilet for a long period of time places pressure on the anal area and is not good for it. Do not sit on a donut if you have one. Those are counterproductive.

Here is what I have been eating in the last three days: crackers, apple slices, chicken noodle soup, prunes, 1 cup Fiber One cereal with a can of peaches including the juice (no milk), another cup of Fiber One cereal with a can of pears including the juice (no milk), and some beef stew (6 grams of fiber per serving) with, believe it or not, 1 oz of cheddar cheese since I love cheese. I have also had a cup of coffee with cream and sugar each morning. I cannot tout the benefits of Fiber One cereal enough. You would not believe the amount of fiber in that stuff, and it tastes pretty good. At least it's not terrible.

I may be in for a doozy in the future but so far so good. It's been 2 and a half days and I am up walking some and obviously typing on my laptop. Sitting still is not too comfortable but leaning back is not so bad. Leaning on your side in the sitz bath is key, by the way: no sitting on your bottom.

So, I really think I have had the most horrible kind of surgery, but that I have not had the most horrible experience. The only thing that concerned me for a while was the feeling of the "lump" in my rectum, but with time that is subsiding so I think it is just swelling. My surgeon will actually be in the office tomorrow (the day after New Year's) so I think I'll call him to ask his opinion on continuing the laxatives since I have read that firmer stools are better than looser stools as far as strengthening the sphincter muscle goes, but I have been very comfortable so far and am loathe to go off the laxatives until I have had more time to heal.

For all you people suffering, I am so sorry you are going thru that and I hope you feel better soon. I for one, though, am very glad I have done this and can't wait to have "pretty" sex with my husband again. To that end this has been very worth my while, the elimination of the pinch of the roids notwithstanding. Good luck to you all.


Hello again, this is texaschic following up on my last post:

Now it is fully day three following my hemorrhoidectomy and I am still doing great. I was released from the outpatient surgery center exactly 36 hours ago. Had my first real bowel movement a few hours ago and it was not painful at all. No straining involved at all. Spoke to the surgeon and confirmed I should stop the milk of magnesia now that I have had my first real bm (which he had told me to do pre-op). He said I could continue taking the dulcolax with the vicodin, however, to keep from getting constipated while I'm on the narcotic.

According to my post-op instructions, on the third day, which is today, I should engage in mild exercise to aid my recovery. I just walked on my treadmill for ten minutes at a slow pace and I am fine. Also on the third day I am supposed to do "winking" exercises, which is basically clinching the butt cheeks to strengthen the anal sphincter muscle. So far so good on that, too. I accidentally clinched the first day and it was really painful. Today, not at all.

Here's why I think I have not had the trauma other people have had:

One, I have a very good surgeon who removed the right amount of tissue and sewed me up correctly, and who prescribed for me all the meds I need to cope with the aftermath.

Two, I have not had an abscess or other complication.

Three, I have followed my post-op instructions to the letter.

Four, I have the meds necessary to cope, and I am taking them on a rigid schedule: pain killer (Vicodin ES), muscle relaxer (Valium), topical pain killer (lidocaine), laxative (Milk of Magnesia), stool softener (dulcolax), and fiber supplement (Metamucil). I have taken my meds whether I think I need them or not. I repeat I am on a schedule. I don't wait for the pain to take a pain pill. I take it before the pain sets in. I don't wait for constipation to take a stool softener. I take the stool softener so I won't get constipated.

Also, I have a hand held shower nozzle, a tub I can soak in, and thin long maxi pads to place in good ole cotton granny underwear. There is hardly any blood anymore so I will soon graduate to a regular panty liner simply placed a little further back than usual.

The only thing that hurt like hell was expelling the inner packing material with the first watery bm. After that my recovery has been uneventful. The golf-ball lump I felt at first is gone now. I'm in no pain, and I'm not even that uncomfortable. Wouldn't want to sit for a long time, but at least I can sit to type this now. (Am ready to get up, though. This is a long entry!)

I am 43 and other than that one hour of intense pain on the first day, this has been a breeze. Wish I had done this years ago. My sex life would have been that much better! (Because I was embarrassed that the perianal area was so unsightly, in case you haven't read my other post.)

Again, good luck to all of you. To those of you thinking about it, don't be afraid. Just be sure you choose a really good surgeon, and take your pain meds and all the other meds as soon as you are released. Stay on top of the pain and the stool softeners and the fiber and you'll be ok after the first day. I am living proof that not every hemorroidectomy--the full-blown cut them out from deep inside with a knife kind of surgery while under anesthesia--is a horror story. The other entries had me scared to death.

Yesterday was New Year's Day and in the tradition of the south, I had black eyed peas to insure good luck and collard greens for wealth (both high in fiber, thank goodness) in the coming year. Since I apparently passed those out with no complication today, I'd say my future looks pretty good. Here's to a healthy and comfortable 2009 for us all. If I have any horrible complications that arise from this afterall, I'll write again, but if you don't see another post from me, please trust that all is well. It's so important to hear from someone who didn't have a horrible experience. I assure you, I truly haven't.