Hello all

 I just had my internal and external hems surgically removed yesterday..I have lived with these painful buggers for 23 years. I gained these gems from childbearing..just one of many gifts I received..lol. I have gone back and forth for years on whether to remove them or not. I have researched the topic heavily, talked to many people who had the procedure themselves, had several consults with Doctors..so I went into this well informed.

 First thing you should know is that I am a vegan that eats only a raw diet, so my bms are very loose and I have several a day. so upon waking from the surgery, was able to bm several times..to the tune of 5 times before being discharged, and was able to urinate fine also. My anal area was very numb from the injections that the surgeon had given me so I was able to wake up without any pain.

 Upon arriving home I have taken the pain medication as directed every 4 hours 1 vicodin 5 mgs, and 2 dulcolax before bedtime. I am drinking fresh squeezed apple juice, water, and vegetable broth for the first 24 hours to help slow the bms down a but which seems to have helped. To help myself naturally ease some pain I am sitting in a sitz bath which sits right  on my toilet with warm water in it, so far 4 times which is making me more comfortable. I also have made up an ice pack which also has helped make me more comfortable. My Doctor did prescribe me a pain cream called Dibucaine Ointment. This also seems to bring relief. I am not in massive pain, I am staying ahead of the pain as recommended by several people who had the surgery themselves.

 I am noticing spotting with blood, nothing out of control yet, but I did just get home from the surgery 14 and half hours ago..:-) I feel a full feeling in my bottom area, but was told by my Dr. not to push down when I feel this, to sit on the toilet and let things happen naturally. He also explained the full feeling was a symptoms of the surgery experience.

 I feel terrible for those whose Doctors misinformed them! I went to Dr. Joeseph Pessin with the Wheaton Fransican group. He does not candy coat anything, in fact he does everything to take care of the probalem without going through surgery, and thinks surgery is the last resort depending on the case. He was very careful to tell me that the healing process is a long painful one for most people, but my experience depended on my own aftercare also. He explained that I should take things very careful, no heavy lifting, what things to purchase ahead of time to make myself as comfortable as possible, and that I should experience an ease up in my pain in about 3-4 weeks..this seems so long to me, but he was just being honest. He was careful with his wording sating most people and that my experience might be prolonged or shortened.

 I hope to come back and post again... and I hope hope hope to have a fast recovery..fingers crossed!