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I had tonsillectomy on wedneday (April 15th). I was put to sleep during the surgery, and five hours later, I was home watching tv while resting comfortably. The first three days were not very fun. My neck was very swollen, and my extremely swollen uvula made me gagged several times. I was prescribed tylenol 3 along with ammoxicilin. I took the pain med every 4 hours religiously. As a result, in contrast to what most people reported here, my pain has been very tolerable ... yes, there was deep pulsing pain on my ears, throat, and jaw periodically, but I could handle the pain pretty well.

My diet for the first 3 days contained jello, ice pops, and iced-water ... DRINK, DRINK, and DRINK no matter how painful it is ... I noticed if I left my throat dry, the pain became way more intense, and it'd take a while for the pain to subside once it kicked in. I tried to drink ensure on my second day, but it didn't agree with my throat. I felt my throat is covered with this mucus or something. By day 4, I moved to more advanced soft food such as chicken noodle soup, mac'n cheese, and mashed potato. By day 7, I felt great. I was around and about. The pain was very much minimal, and I reduced the dose for my pain med.

I thought I was way ahead of my recovery but then the unthinkable happened. On day 8 afternoon, I notice some bleeding when I was in the shower. It began with just a little trace of blood in my saliva ... but then I felt warm liquid being pumped out of my throat, and it was blood and lots of it. I bled profusely and I was by myself in the apartment. I immediately drank ice-cold water and placing ice packs on my neck. It slowed down the bleeding, but didn't stop it. I called my surgeon, and his nurse told me to immediately go to the ER and she would try and locate my surgeon.

An hour after the bleeding began, I was admitted to the ER. By this time, I already bled so much and ingested so much blood as well. I was shivering and feeling so sick. As I was being hooked into an IV, my surgeon and his ENT resident arrived, and he began removing a massive blood clot (the size of chicken liver) formed during the bleeding which clogged my throat. He located the ruptured blood vessel and cauterized it with silver nitrate and floseal. I was told I had to stay in the hospital that evening for observation and boy, I was glad I did. At 3 am, I started bleeding again and very quickly forming another massive blot clot. The ENT resident immediately repeated the procedure again. After the bleeding stopped, he informed me most likely I had to undergo an emergency surgery in the morning to permanently fix the ruptured blood vessel.

My surgeon saw me in the morning, checked my throat, and asked how I was doing. He told me within an hour, I had to go in for another surgery. I wasn't nervous at all as I already knew what to expect. The surgery was painless, but this time woke up extremely groggy from the anesthesia. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days, and I was discharged 24 hours after the surgery.

Now it is day 10 after my tonsilectomy. My throat is sore again from the surgery 2 days ago, but I am in relatively good spirits after all of these exciting drama. I know I am on the way back to recovery. My friends and family have been very supportive and tentative, and their prayers definitely helped me through the recovery. My ENT surgeon was also very personable, caring young man. He explained eveything thoroughly, and he definitely understands the recovery in adult tonsillectomy is a lengthy, and potentially bumpy process. One thing I wish I could have is real food. I haven't had real food for 10 days and I am seriously hungry. One of the lighter side, I already lost 15 pounds ... which is a good thing considering summer is around the corner and I definitely need to get back in shape. :)


Thank you so much for sharing this experience. The lesson that we can all learn from your experience is to not ignore symptoms. Had you not gone into ER and ignored the seriousness of your condition, you probably could have slowly bled to death. It's wonderful that you emerged from this with a positive attitude. It's true that stuff happens, and sometimes it's nobody's fault. I'm so glad that things worked out for you. Don't worry, you will be eating soon. Think of where you've come from and how lucky you are to be recovering now. Let us know the rest of the story.