Hi, at the beginning of may I woke up to increased shoulder / back pain. I'd had this before, but nowhere near as bad. I struggling through the next 3 days, unable to get a Drs appointment I walked into a hospital. They said id torn a tendon off the lower part of my right arm. I said no way. I hadn't done anything to achieve this. I was then referred to another hospital. I walked into that, same day. They said I broken my shoulder! I was in terrible pain in my right arm , hand, shoulder. They sent me away. I had to wait 2 weeks for my next review. By then I'd taken hundreds of painkiller tablets, most useless. The only thing that worked was liquid morphine.. Saviour. I walked in again and saw two surgeons. They reviewed me again and got me an MRI the following week. Now ive just got my results, herniated c5 disc. And now I'm again awaiting another hospitals opinion, as theses are spinal specialists. My pain has decreased by half, but its now feels like I've been hanging from my right arm 24/7. Any suggestions on what is a plan for the future.