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I'm a 30 yr old female who up until a car accident in August 2010 was very active. I suffer from pain in my neck arms and shoulders and shoulder blades. I use to work out 2 hours a day and haven't been able to do anything because of the pain. I've done physical therapy, massage therapy, acupunture and been on vicodins, flexeralls, and naproxen for 4mths with no relief. The physical therapy did help with the vertigo and tingling headaches but I still suffer from a lot of pain and because I have a HMO it took my primary care doctor 4 mths to finally order xrays and an MRI. The MRI showed C5 and C6 are herniated causing pinched 5th nerve and on the MRI it looked like it was very close to touching my spinal cord. THe orthopaedic doctor recommended disc replacement surgery first but that can cause paralysis and would only probably last 3 mths and also more life threatening risks with the surgery. I just got the results yesterday and want to know what the best plan of action should be. I know, I do not want to live the rest of my life having to get shots. He told me another head trauma would be able to cause the disc to hit my spinal cord. I just want to be able to be active again. I use to snowboard, run half marathons, cycle, yoga, and pilates and now everyday all I can concentrate on is the pain. It's changed my quality of life.

Has anyone out there tried cortisone shots and then decide to have the surgery anyway? If so, type of side effects did you have?



I’m in exactly the same position as you.

I had a accident whilst training and now I have herniated disc at c6 c7 and it causes pain into my back and referring  pain down my shoulder blade and arms.

It’s been 2 months now with pain not getting better. I’ve had many massages - chiro - Physio etc and nothing has helped.

im in pain 24 hours a day - struggle to sleep drive work .. it’s becoming a big problem for my life .. 

how r u now? What did u do to help fix ur problem?

Your help will be really appreciated