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Hey i had a discetomy 3 levels c5 c6 c7 5 years ago an im having problems sleeping cause I cant breath I do also have swallowing problems to igrasp for air at night cause I ferl like im going to dye


Hello b916,

It sounds like you're having a bit of anxiety over your condition which is certainly understandable.  You might try drinking something warm before you go to bed to relax your throat.  Perhaps a bit of green tea might help.  I don't know how you are sleeping that is to say in what position.  You might try sleeping partially on your side to stomach.  Take a couple of soft bed pillows and wrap your arm around those and scrunch them so your head and neck are supported well and comfortable.  You might want to place a flatter pillow under your top leg that is slightly bent.  It may take you a bit to get this adjusted properly but take your time and get it right.  I think you might find it is easier to breathe this way and may take some pressure off the cervical region and allow you to sleep better.