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Hi this is my first post and wondering if any one can give me some advice with my problem

in 2006 i had a prolapse disc which give to huge amount of pain down my left side i had c6 c7 fusion which worked well but still suffer with numbness and pain which feels under pressure on my finger next to my thumb on my left hand the pain of this has stayed and never gone since the disc prolapsed i wounder if any one else has this problem or what the problem is i have had a few more mri all showing good results had nerve conduction studies ie carpel tunnel ulner nerve ect and still have the pain i have also in the last two months been renovating my house and now find it wakes me most nights and now also suffer from pins and needles in this arm when sleeping can anyone offer advice

medication now on lyrica for the last 18 months

thanks dave


I had C-5,C-6 done several years ago and still experience some major problems. MRI's of the past showed all was well at surgery site.
I've been to different doctor's all of which give me different diagnosis.
Currently they are saying it may be Fibromyalgia or RSD. Visit the reumotologist in a couple days to ssee what blood test showed.
Has the Lyrica helped you at all?
Sounded like at the last appt that was going to be one of the new meds she was going to subscribe. She (the reumotologist) said she was going to make me a "cocktail" to see if different meds help.
My advice to you is to look into the RSD or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. If you suffer from the same pain, tingling, etc that I do it describes it.
Research shows that the faster you start recieving treatment for this the greater your chances are at getting better.

Hope this helps!


Hi ! I had acdf c5 thru c7 surgery April 20th, I'm only hurting on the c7 backside.. is this normal? It's not unbearable, it's kust uncomfortable even to touch and the neck brace seems to rub it worse.. I'm just wondering if this is normal after surgery or perhaps I've moved wrong.. uuhggg I've never had any kind of surgery before and so I really don't know what to expect. Thank you