After an electropheresis, it was determined that I have hgb C trait. My family hx on my mothers side of family is positive for sickle cell anemia and trait. how did I come up with hgb c trait? I am the only one in the family that did. In addition, normally hgb c trait is symptomless-but my symptoms are expressed. I have a chronic low rbc, hgb and hct since infancy. I seemed to have always had migrating pain in joints, chest, abdomen, legs, etc. I get short of breath easily, and occasionally have chest pain if over exerted. I have been dx with fibromyalgia. I tested negative for sickle cell anemia trait and/or disease. my hgb is nearly always 11, hct 33 or so regardless of iron, folic acid and b12 supplementation. A former hematologist/oncologist placed me on epogen injections and iron IV, my H&H went up (I suffered a tremendous amount of pain and distress) but a week or two later it was back to 11 and 30s???
He gave up and told me he didn't know how to help me. My gastroenterologist referrred me to another hematologist who is trying various tests and medications in an effort to discover what is wrong. I will see him in 2 weeks or so. I can't help but wonder what is causing my problems as I am extremely fatigued and most times have pain in my bone, joints and muscle. I have done a lot of research on hgb c and the trait-but can't seem to come up with any suitable answers. my electropheresis also showed 60% A1, 3-4% A2, and 36% C in my blood.
Can you shed some light on this subject?