I started on Microgestin and after 5 days had left shoulder and arm aches, severe anxiety, and blood pressure of 145/88. My blood pressure is always around 117/70 so I was quite alarmed. Stopped meds and things seemed a bit better after a few days. Told my doctor's nurse. She told the dr.  He switched me to Le Loestrin Fe... it has half the estrogen as Microgestin. After 5 days, the symptoms came back. I stopped taking them and contacted my doctor.  It's been a few days since my last pill.

Today at the doctor's office my blood pressure was 145/90.  So at least it has not increased.  My doctor said, no more pill for me.  He was rather shocked that my blood pressure went up that much after just a few pills, but that I may just be hypersensitive to either the progersterone and/or the estrogen.  I'm 35 and in a healthy weight range.  My blood pressure was normal two months ago.  He will have me come back in 1 month to check my pressure again.  Also, to be thorough and rule out cardiac or imbalances, he sent me for a CBC and an electrolyte/metabolic panel today.  Later this week he's having me run an EKG.  I wish they could have done that today as well.

Has anyone else experienced this as a cause of your high blood pressure?  And is it relatively safe for me to walk around with my blood pressure that high for a month?  I know it will probably go down by then, but I'm just really anxious.