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Hi, I am a 29 y/o male with a history of cancer (bladder cancer) that I had cut out back in 2003, when I was 22 y/o and a paratrooper in the army. The army said that I had gotten the cancer due to something I was exposed to and then retired me from the army after only 6 years of service (I worked a leg job in the army for the 2 years after diagnosis). After the tumor was removed, I was then diagnosed with IC as well since they used radiation and cut away some of the liner of my bladder.

Anyway, I just noticed a pain yesterday in my mouth - under my tongue and to the side - when I tried to eat a pickle slice. It was a sharp weird pain and I thought I had a sharp object down there somewhere, like a bone or a jagged rock. In fact, the feeling of a jagged rock is almost a perfect description. I then stuck my finger all the way down there and noticed a large lump. When I checked my neck, the lump comes out all the way to my neck, on the right side. It's a lump that extends from the side of the bottom of my mouth to my neck, kind of where my gland is. I have had swollen glands before but they have always been swollen on both sides of my neck whenever I had them swollen. Also, this lump feels a lot different than swollen glands and seems a little higher in my neck then where my gland is. Another thing is that the lump is very hard.

Over the years I have been quite frightened of hospitals and doctor's offices for several reasons and stopped going to the doctor all-together several years ago. It just seems that they were always trying to give me medications, of which only the narcotics worked but I hated being dependent on narcotics and my doctors were telling me that this was the only way that seemed to work. So, I just detoxed myself from the narcotics, barbiturates and other chemicals (too many to list here) and stopped going to the doctor all-together. Could this be cancer?

In sum, I have a large painful, hard lump in my mouth, under my tongue and to the side, that extends out to my neck. the pain feels as if I have a jagged rock that fell underneath my tongue, all the way back and to the side. I have a history of a small tumor in my bladder that the army has said was do to exposure and my guess is that the exposure was depleted uranium. I am a non-smoker, I don't do drugs, alcohol or processed foods and about 50% of my diet is organic with the other 50% being healthy home-cooked food choices (due to my IC).

Does this sound like cancer? If it doesn't, I would rather not go to a doctor and if it does, I would consider going to a doctor but at least I would know how much time I have left with my children.

Thanks for any and all help that anyone can give.
Kind Regards,


Hi Matthew! First of all a HUGE hug to you for all you have been through! I am NOT a doctor but I will bet my hat that this "mass" it is NOT cancer! the reason why I bet my hat is that I had the SAME thing many years ago! What I believe this is, is a mass formed from infection under the jaw line or IN the jaw bone, a lot of times underneath wisdom teeth or another large molar! The mass can go right down to the base of your neck and upto the bottom of your ear! What you have to remember is this - ALL that area is filled with veins and capillaries, tissue nerves etc, so when there is an infection the ENTIRE area looks ten times bigger than what it is - like a finger being pushed through wax - it looks WAY bigger on the otherside right?! So this is the same! What I would like you to do - even though I GET you not like doctors etc - is to go andget a throat swab - to rule out Strep (which can turn BAD quickly)! IF you stick your head in the sand honey, mother nature WILL walk by and kick you in the bum! So I GET you not really wanting to know what is going on! BUT mouth and throat cancer is a VERY rare cancer - which is based on Chewing Tobacco, Smoking, Heavy Drinking So Try not to jump there OK? - even though I understand this is hard with your history! So please get seen and let me know OK? Good lucK and health honey!


I have the same thing, on the left side of my tongue under it I have a lump about the size of a marble. Food gets stuck in my throat and difficult to swallow. My speech is also slurred. This happened over night. It has been going on for about 1 1/2 months but I just notice the lump 2 days ago. The Doctors thought I had a stroak but can't find anything in MRI or MRA... I can't tell the doctor what I found under my tongue untill after the Holidays. Any feed back would be great.