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It all started 4 months ago when I felt an on-off tingling on the right side of my face. I panicked b/c online I found lots of stuff about the "numb chin syndrome", some rare phenomenon that means a tumor has invaded the jaw. Given that I dipped tobacco for 10 years, I freaked out. But a visit to the dentist, neurologist, and ENT all came back with nothing abnormal.

Then I developed the feeling that something was caught on the right side of my throat--somewhere b/t my tonsil and my epiglottis. Upper endoscopy by my GI revealed a small hiatal hernia and some stomach inflammation; he figured it was reflux and put me on Protonix.

Around this time, when my globus feeling didn't improve, I strained in a mirror and saw a small white spot (NOT a tonsil stone, it is attached to the actual skin, hard, and cannot be removed--believe me i tried, but unlike the stone i've had this won't come out; looked like it was surrounded by some lighter pink tissue but is hard to see b/c so far back there). Went back to the ENT b/c of all this and the lump in the throat, he said he could not see the white spot (i promise it's there!!!) and that everything looked normal. He looked 3 times and could only see a little pink, but I've noticed sometimes it's hard to see b/c it's in the tonsillar crypt. Did a neck CT w/ contrast, laryngoscopy, and a barium swallow to confirm, and again, all were read as normal.

Problem is, my symptoms remain. I now have some burning sensations in my mouth (which my dentist said might be lichen planus), a feeling of soreness occasionnally around my right tonsil and throat, weird clicking noises in my right ear (that seem to be under my control when I flex my tonsil), the continued globus feeling, and constant mild stomach pain w/ on-off constipation. Last few days I've also had some dizziness and lightheadness when I move my eyes quickly or move around a lot.

Is anyone familiar with any of this? I have always been a very anxious person, and no doctor can find anything to confirm my worst fear: that i have cancer in my tonsil from years of tobacco use, cancer that is within the hole of the tonsil (crypt) and that the ENT missed and was too small to be picked up on the CT (5mm cuts). It seems odd that most of these symptoms are occurring in one general area--the right, back side of my mouth/tonsils despite negative findings by the ENT

Can anyone here (especially MDs) give advice? How likely it is, for example, that the ENT and CT missed a small tonsil cancer, or that a tonsil cancer could cause stomach problems? Can cancer work that way--impacting my tonsil and stomach (via saliva or something) or is it more of a cellular process? I need some guidance from someone who knows, so if you respond and have a medical degree, please note that so I can get some peace of mind and get on with my life. My anxiety is only making it worse, I'm sure, but anxiety meds have done little to help my symptoms other than make me not focus on them so much. It's so frustrating that a neurologist, oral surgeon (forgot to mention), ENT, and GI doc can't seem to find OR fix the problem!!! Help--can anyone give me some suggestions as to what this is (or is not)?

thanks much in advance. i'm very grateful for anyone's input

Ps—I am well-educated 29 yo Caucasian male, 150 lbs, no family history of chronic med problems other than colon/lung cancer and heart disease. I used tobacco for about 10 years—smoked off and on for about 7 years (no more than ½ pack per day) and dipped for about 10 years (no more than 1 can/week). Quit smoking 3 years ago and quit dipping when all this started 4 months ago



relax. you almost made me have a seizure reading your post. i am an ent. you have globus hystericus. it would be extremely rare that you have tonsil squamous cell cancer. if your tonsils are asymmetric, then i would remove your tonsils. a tonsillectomy in an adult is very, very painful. i am sure there is an ent out there that would take out your tonsils if it is actually causing you this much distress. all of your symptoms sound like they are due to reflux, not your tonsil causing your stomach problems.


Wow, you could be me...only 10 years younger

I'm in a very similar situation. Left tonsil, little white spot, feels like food caught in there, but its not a tonsil stone ( I have had plenty those in the past). It doesn't hurt, can just feel it. The more I think about it the more symptoms I develop/notice. The ENT and gen doctor say they cant see it and not to worry..."pretty common". But frankly, I have never had anything like it and it just wont go it makes me more than a little nervous.
I think I am, at least to some degree making it worse by constantly focusing on it. It doesn't hurt, but by constantly trying to swallow or noticing my swallowing I fatigue my throat muscles...leading to more ominous symptoms.
The doc suggested a waterpik to clean it with. Mistake. Tore my throat and tonsil up. WAY too powerful. Now I just gargle with salt or peroxide to hopefully get the germs.

Anyhow, I'd be curious if canker sores can occur on the tonsil(and if so, how to rid myself of them). Right now the only sores I'm familiar with are the scary ones. Like you, I have stopped drinking and smoking to at least take that factor out of the equation.

Well, I'd be curious if anyone else weighs in on this. I would sure like to stop thinking about my throat and move on with life.

Skotski in California


This sounds just like what I've been trying to figure out. I have the same little white spot on my left tonsil that just won't go away. I've always had large tonsils, and I have pretty constant sinus infections. At the beginning of this year I started having the lymph node in my left jaw swell up and my family doctor just keeps saying it's my body trying to fight off an infection. So, I've been on antibiotic after antibiotic without any relief from the sinus problems or jaw pain. And the little white spot just stays there....maybe it's time to go see the ENT and see about having my tonsils removed...

P.S. I not sure that smoking or drinking has anything to do with it....I'm only 24 and have never smoked and haven't had more than about 4 drinks ever....



I am 25 years old female. I was trying to figure out something similar.. I have got a lump in my right side of throat almost an year back..I had no pain and i almost ignored it..Then recently i have seen two more near to the previous lump..But again no pain. I dont have any problems like cough, fever or anything..Absolutely normal. I dont have even white spots, pink spots or whatever. If someone touches there, then only they can figure out there is something abnormal..

I got panicked as i have seen three and then i went and shown to a general physician.. She did the following tests..

HB (Sahlis's )--It came out to 10.4 gms%
Total W.B.C -- It came out to 67.00 percumm
DCP 64%L 33%E 3%M 0 %B 0%
E.S.R 8 mm 1 hour
Montoux test -ve

Blood Sugar-- Random 98.6 mg%
H.I.V -ve

She finally said...I tested everything.. All came negative. I am not really sure what it is..All what she said is.." we might have do a minor surgery to remove one lump and send it for testing to figure out what it is.."

Could some one help me out in finding out what it is..Should I get that lump removed and shld i send it for testing...



Oh no, I have everything you have and the Dr's are now just acting like its nothing. A barium swallow found a sliding hiatial hernia and diverticulum off the gastric cardia. So my ENT sent to me grasto, he acted like I was a nu and said oh its acid reflux you look fine too me, everyone has a small hernia or can. OK id**t!!! So he has ordered and EGD or whatever its called and since then the swallowing and lump have gotten worse. My ENT sent me for neck scans Ct etc... it shows all clear, but the ENT said he saw at least a 2 CM mass down in throat. I am miserable, and sick and I choke all the time. I don't know what to do. The CT scnas say no mass no problems but some degerrrrtive of the C5-C7 of the spine. OK.

I don't know what to do, now they say oh its stress and nerves and itss not. What do you think




I have had the same as most have been posting all looking in the back of the throat shows up normal.

I started using Areus - for alergy symptoms before going to bed I feel great most of the day then it returns.

When it returns I check gum ie. Dentyne Spearmint Ice - Makes baqck of throat feel good and now I chew like there is no tomorrow but resolves most of the issue.

After bringing this forward one fired (ie. Doctor in ENT), said I more than likely have some form of acid reflux and it irritates the back of the throat and since my brain can't explain it and with todays fears, we all naturally assume the worst.

Try Antihist.... then Chew Gum, add lots of liquids during day and before sleep - stop eating most things and do an exclusionary diet and write things down - Keep a log.

Ie .. Salad of greens only and which greens for 5 days - How do you feel is it better????? Then add 1 thing (1 thing not 5) - No cheating as a tomatoe may only make the problem come back but 2 days from now, so you may assume that it is not tomatoes...

Do this adding 1 Fruit of Veggie a week. (Beans for protien ie. Soy.) Don't seam to have an adverse effect.

I hope this helps and if anyone figures it out and has a solutiion that can go to the Dr.'s that be and have them find out what it is to stop it would be a great help.

Until then Try this - I hope it works no guarantees, it works for me more often than not (it's not perfect - but has spared me from running to Hospitals and Dr.'s)


My sister has had this kind of same problem for over a month now. It started out as a sore throat and she went to the doctor a week later after noticing what looked like "popcorn" on her was pretty nasty looking. So she went to the ER and they did no testing and said it was strep. So they put her on this antibiotic for 10 days in which made it WORSE. So she goes back to the ER and they decide they will do testing on it for strep. that came back negative. So they took blood and said they were going to do a CBC which was normal. And that it would take a few days to get the results back for thrush testing. It did come back as thrush and she took all the required has been well over a month now and she is getting scared worrying that it is cancer because it is not going away. Plus she has lymph nodes in her neck that are slightly swollen along with pains in her upper chest and neck. I'm very worried about her, she has had no fever and has had all tests done HIV, diabetes, complete blood count, etc. The only thing she has not done is go to the ENT doctor. Could this be cancer? :-( Someone help! It is affecting her daily life and really making her feel depressed.


Ive read what has been said here. i also have the same problem. i have gone to several doctors, 5 to be exact. two general medicine, one throat-mouth-ear specialist, internal medicine and am now with a gastro specialist and im going to have an endoscopy. all concluded that it is an acid reflux problem that causes all the symptoms. the sore throat, the swelling the lumps, bad balance, etc. im hopeful that soon y will have treatment if there is anything good that comes out of the endoscopy y will write again.


i have tonsil problem from my childhood now am 25 years old i used to take augmentine and avil for my tonsils .

when i finnish the course of medician i got fine. but nowadys when am suffring frm the tonsils i have get and redish sopt on near my Uvula on that time

it is difficult to talk because of the pain.

and as well as am suffring from fibrosis on my mouth and i cant open my mouth that much

i have visited lot a Ents but my problem still the same.

It is affecting my daily life and really making feel depressed sometime



All of the referred pain, tingling, tingling of ears, eyelids, lips, mouth, are. Result of acidosis caused my a severe gastric problem. It is always gastric. Your glob us lump is a referred pain stemming from too much acid. Whether or not you have a stomach tumor will need to be determined. Pacreatitis would be my guess! This is all stomach people! Stomach stomach stomach


I have a sore bothering feeling in the left side of the back of my mouth. Its annoying but i had my tonsil's removed and even though it didn't make the feeling go away. it did make my diarrhea go away.


Ah no not heartburn i get sick of being told this as i have the same problem its your tonsil its swollen on the back side pressing against your tubes where your sinus drains,and the pain in your jaw an throat are the nerves being agrevaited from the swelling i was told it was heartburn an smoking causing the feeling but wouldnt my whole throat hurt?ah yes if i had acid bubbling up it so no not heartburn