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Ever since about 2 nights ago, I've developed swelling on my throat. One of the lumps is on the right side of my throat, underneath my jawline and the other lump, which is really more of just a swelling, is directly under my chin.

I have no idea why but all of a sudden the lump on the side of my throat swelled up and then more swelling followed.

It doesn't hurt to swallow or anything, nor is it painful to open my mouth. When I do open my mouth, my jaw feels numb and the skin feels taught. There's no pain at all really unless I directly prod the lumps and swelling.

Anybody have any ideas?


Hi Weeno! Here are some of the possible causes of neck lump: boil, sebaceous cyst, lipoma, enlarged thyroid, goiter, thyroid disorder , thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer, submandibular duct stone, congenital cervical rib, thyroglossal cyst, pharyngeal pouch, congenital sternomastoid tumor, submandibular tumor, swollen neck lymph nodes , atopic eczema, rubella, viral infection, tonsillitis, otitis media, mumps, glandular fever, cat scratch disease, tuberculosis, carotid aneurysm, abscess, lymphoma , lymphatic leukemia . In your case it could be swollen neck lymph nodes or tonsillitis, but there are likely to be other possible causes, so you should talk to your doctor about your symptoms. I hope this will help you and you'll get better soon.