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Hi All,

I've been having symptoms in my mouth for the past two/three months that have not been getting any better. I've been to several doctors and the ones that have been taking me seriously cannot help because it's not their specialty and the ones that can possibly help me have not been taking me seriously and tell me I should see a psychologist, which is so frustrating.

I have the following symptoms:

-White/transparent coating in inner lining of cheeks, can not be seen in some lights. associated with itching and irritation
-I feel like there is an extra layer of tissue in my mouth
-Numbness underneath the tongue associated with dicoloration of the tissue that is white and yellow
-My tongue is sensitive to everything especially to spicy and salty foods. When I'm not eating my tongue is tingling and sometimes numb feeling.
-One wart appeared on my lips and was removed, but is slightly growing back, but the doctors are totally disregaurding it as being from my HPV's so weird and frustrating.

I am in desperate need of help and in need of a doctor that is willing to listen to me.

Does anyone know any doctors that specialize in Oral HPV?


chicago girl


I really hope you've gone to see a specialist about your mouth symptoms. If not you should ask your doctor for a referral to an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) as soon as possible. A link has been establish between HPV and oral cancer. It's definitely not something to leave unchecked.

I understand how regular doctors can be because it has taken 2 and a half years for them to finally believe there was something wrong with my mouth and I go to see an ENT next week because my symptoms are now "visible" to the doctors so...yeah now they are real. Sorry I'm a little bitter because if this does turn out to be oral cancer for me, they had 2 and a half years to get me an early diagnosis and they brushed my concerns off every time.

Please don't let them tell you there is nothing wrong like I did. You don't want to end up like me, unable to eat or sleep because of the pain and having no saliva whatsoever and now possibly facing a diagnosis of cancer.

It took me ending up 94 lbs, swelling and "frozen" feeling on the entire left side of my face and neck, and sores in my mouth before they would pay attention to what I had been telling them all along. Do not wait for them to pay attention. Early detection is absolutely key in surviving oral cancer so just bug the hell out of them until they do something about it.


"My tongue is sensitive to everything especially to spicy and salty foods. When I'm not eating my tongue is tingling and sometimes numb feeling." Just thought I'd mention that this sounds like a condition called "geographic tongue". I have the same thing, and it it has been diagnosed by two different specialists as that, and not HPV.

I also have small lumps at the back of my mouth that I thought may have been warts, however, again, two seperate specialists have confirmed that they are not warts (HPV warts appears in cauliflower like clusters), but instead have suggested that they are blocked mucous glands (for which we have 600,000 or so in our mouth). He also inspected my throat with a camera and felt around my mouth for a good 5 minutes to detect any signs of cancer.

I have also been to a sexual heatlh clinic and expressed my concerns there. They had a look and also confirmed that it is no HPV.

Seeing a specialist is certainly necessary for anyone concerned that they might have something wrong. But it is very easy to fall into the trap of internet self-diagnosis and then panicing about it.


I hope you were able to find out what is going on. My husband just came home from the dentist. The dentist now has a test for HPV cancer of the mouth. I just made an appointment myself because I have similar symptoms as yours. Many prayers are with you.