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NEVER have I had sex, i am 15 and scared because I have a bit of cramping and have spotted for the past 2 days, it is NOT my period, HELP


You may want to talk to your doctor but these are some resons for beteen period bleeding

Ovulation is unnoticeable for most women. Some women, however, notice light spotting for a day or two after ovulation. This type of spotting before the period is generally a normal byproduct of ovulation for these women

•Spotting can also be the result of hormonal imbalances other than those caused by pregnancy or birth control. For instance, your body may be producing too much estrogen or not enough progesterone, possibly due to a thyroid problem or from taking certain medications.
Serious Conditions
•Spotting before your period is sometimes a sign of an underlying condition such as uterine fibroids or polyps, ovarian cysts or cervical or uterine cancer. While rare, these conditions can be serious and may require treatment.

What Causes Bleeding Between Periods?
Although the cause of irregular bleeding can vary according to individual health situations, some of the more common causes include:
•Implantation Bleeding/Pregnancy
•Hormonal fluctuations
•Starting, stopping, or missing oral contraceptives or estrogens
•Low thyroid levels
•IUDs occasionally cause slight spotting
•Injury to the vagina from insertion of objects
•Malignant cancers
•Undiagnosed vaginal infections
•Certain drugs, particularly anticoagulants Vaginal dryness
•GYN procedures
•Some women have spotting during ovulation, which is normal

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