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Hello I'm 42 years old and I think I'm going crazy, even sometimes think I'm dieing my mother is adimit about the fact that I am in menepause stage 101 on the other hand I would be more convinced if my grandmother could shed some light on the subject, but all I can seem to get out of her is "How in the hell I'm suppose to know Im 87 years old and that was along time ago.


What kind of symptoms are you experiencing? Hot flashes and night sweats as I could have noticed from the post? Anything else like…..i don’t know…..moodiness, constant quarrels with your loved ones (especially husband), low sexual desire, dry vagina, etc…..

Have your periods started fluctuating as well? It doesn’t have to mean that you are menopausal but you could be perimenopausal. Peri-menopause may even start as early as 35 years and last for 10 years.

You could see a gynecologist and have your hormonal levels checked. If you have low estrogen levels due to slowing down of the ovaries you will have high levels of FSH hormone that will be trying to make the ovaries produce estrogen. This kind of hormonal situation indicates (peri)menopause.