Hello, thank u very much for your response.
When it's about ten days to my period, i start experiencing this bleeding. It is often irregular. Sometimes, i find slight blood shots on my pants. Sometimes during ovulation, i find blood shots inside something that appears like mucus. The blood that comes before my period is not often very red. My period is often very irregular. Although, in september 2010, i suffered from the following infections: Staphylococcus areaus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Candida albicans, and yeast. I was placed on the following drugs: Fungur V cream, Secwid, Flunoc 150mg capsule, Doxycap, Ciprotab 500mg tablet, Ocefix 200mg tablet, Revital capsule. After about 2months (November 2010), i experienced some yellowish discharge and went for a high vaginal swap and a few growth of Streptococcus pyogenes was seen. I was placed on Augmentin and i did'nt experience the discharge again.
This abnormal bleeding started 3months ago. I went for a scan and i was told every thing was okay. The Doctor placed me on cataflam but i did'nt use it because i know cataflam to be a pain reliever. I was told that birth contraceptive pills can be used to get my hormonal level back to normal. I strongly believe your diagnosis of hormonal disorder because when i read an article on steady health concerning hormonal imbalance i discovered that it appears my oestrogen level is high because some of the symptoms i read of is applicable to me most especially breast tenderness. So please this BC pills you mentioned, please what is the exact name so i could relate it with my doctor. Thank you so much. I really appreciate You.