****************************************************************************************************** * * * Pre-cum, also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid or Cowper's fluid is the clear lubricating fluid coming from a man's penis during arousal. * All men have pre-cum, some more, others less. There is NO WAY TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF PRECUM and if both partners are dry and there is no natural lubrication, they should then use some water-based lubrication. * Precum appears at the arousal and slightly before ejaculation. Some men can feel it coming while others can’t. * There is a big scare surrounding PRE-CUM AND PREGNANCY. Nothing can be said with certainty on this matter, so it is essential the couple uses some kind of protection during intercourse to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. * It is said that precum doesn’t usually contain sperm unless there has been previous ejaculation, even a day-old ejaculation, so pre-ejaculate does not contain sperm in it itself. Urination is supposed to clear all the sperm from urethral tube but not all. This means that PREGNANCY COULD OCCUR FROM PRECUM but only when the sperm had been picked up on precum’s way out. * To determine whether HIV was contained in precum, researchers examined samples of pre ejaculate fluid from HIV seropositive and HIV seronegative men. They found macrophages and CD4 lymphocytes in most of the samples tested, indicating that HIV was present and that the risk of HIV transmission may be higher than unplanned pregnancy. * These findings indicate the necessity of using condoms during every intercourse. * Here are a few precum related topics: * Quote:

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