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Was foolin ard with my gf but din exactly have sex i jus put it in a couple of times and took it out thts all had some precum but i squeezed it out before putting it in i din ejaculate at all anywhere near her so is she liable to be pregnant please help


There's a lot of information all over the place about the chances of this happening...Unfortunately very little of it is conclusive! It sucks because there's no surefire way to know, even by looking at her syusmpotms if she presents any later on...

But FYI:
- it is possible to get pregnant in the presence of only pre-cum and even without penetration!!!
- however this is highly unlikely
- in a normal ejaculate there is generally 200 million sperm, of this number, only 100 actually reach the egg, of this, only one will actually penetrate the egg, fertilizing it, after this the blastocyst still needs to be implanted in the endometrium on the uterine wall for pregnancy to commence
- an egg is only available for fertilization after it has been released from a follicle (around day 14 of of a 28 day cycle, where the timing of the cycle starts on the first day of her period)
- technically sex before this time should not result in pregnancy BUT sperm can survive for up to 6 days within the vagina (they're crazy little buggers)

if you're afraid that your gf is pregnant or that she can get pregnant, plz for the love of God or whatever higher power you believe in, use protection!!!

trust me...I've gone through the worry of not knowing whether or not I was and its not a good feeling...Save yourself and her the trouble of worrying and take the necessary precautions...Again, while it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that a girl can get pregnant w/o penetration and ejaculation, it is possible, especially if you happen to catch her on one of her most fertile days...