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Ok my girlfriend and I were messing around and decided to penetrate her with no condom. I penetrated twice. I'm concerned if I had precum or not. What are the real life chances that she could become pregnant?


its possible. precum can contain sperm and it only takes one sperm to fertalise an egg! obviously the chances are a bit lower than full ejaculation, but I'll tell you one thing: the chances are way higher than if you had used protection!
so yes, its all very possible that she could get pregnant.
whats more with no condom there is no protection from STD's or Hiv, to either of you.

theres this thing called the "withdrawal method" that couples use (personally i think its a stupid idea!) where they have unprotected sex but pull out before ejactulation, and think that if there is no ejaculation then they wont get pregnant.
the typical use failure rate for this method is up to 30%, meaning for every ten couples who use the withdrawal method, 3 of them will still be at risk of pregnancy due to sperm being introduced into the uterus.
this shows how easy it is to conceive from precum.

if you are worried then the morning after pill can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.
in the future if are incapable of using condoms, I would seriously suggest that your girlfreind goes on the pill, (the oral contraceptive) its available to everyone from your local planned parenthood/family planning clinic.