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About a year ago i started getting head rushes when i stood up to fast. I read online that it was completely normal and just to be careful about standing up. So i put it off and was careful about standing up. Every thing was going fine until about 4 months ago it started getting worse. Now even when i stand up very slowly, even after sitting down for just a short period, i still get severe head rushes. I walk for a little bit and then my body starts to feel really heavy and i feel very weak. A black grainy cloud forms over my vision and i get very light headed. I have to hole on to a wall or a nearby counter in order to not fall down. Once when i was getting a head rush i wasn't able to grab on to anything but a door and it swung open and i fell to the ground i laid there fro a while until i finally got the strength to get up. I have also been getting this trembling feeling all through out my body that continues for a full hour or more! Plus these aren't your average few second head rushes sometime they lasts a full 5 minutes!

Please help I'm afraid that it could be something horrible like heart disease or something in my arteries. I called amy doctor but there so booked they won't be able t get me in for another month!


I would suggest going to the doctors/nurse and asking them to do a sit to standing blood pressure check? Because you may need blood pressure tablets if its dropping too much. Also ask for a full blood count to be taken so they can rule out other things like your iron count etc. Do you eat well?? Sometimes if you aren't eating enough you can become dizzy/lightheaded. Hope some of this helps xx