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i usually get very angry on bits of things, i consider myself to be a very short-tempered person though i hate being angry. when i talk to my boyfriend there are something which i dislike so i get upset, i get angry and we fight. i love him a lot and so he does and now that my family is involved we would get married in a couple of years, so i don't want to spoil our relation ship.
he is also an angry person often, how can we make things better and how can i be calm and not get angry at every single little thing??


You probably can't help but get angry if this is your personality type, but you can keep it from damaging your relationships...

My X-wife was an angry person.  I understood she could not help this, but what drove me crazy was, she would never apologize later after she cooled down.  If I reminded her of how angry she had gotten and how much this had hurt me, she would just get angry all over again.  

No one likes to have to apologize, so if you force yourself to do it every time you get angry, not only will your relationships suffer less, but you may find yourself biting your tongue sometimes rather than doing something you'll need to apologize for later.  

Popping off is bad manners, and manners are a reflection on your culture, parentage, and education.  If you consider this carefully, you will see "winning" through intimidation with anger is not a virtue, but a fault, and faults are something we usually try to hide from others.  

Keeping anger "bottled up" is not good for you either, so finding another outlet for your anger would be a wise thing to do.  Going for a short, fast run might help you blow off some steam and be good exercise too.  

What ever it takes, and however you manage to control it, it is important to keep working on this.  My girlfriend's mom has anger issues, and my girlfriend is constantly telling me about how she avoids contact with her whenever possible because she doesn't like "walking on egg shells" every time she is around her.  

If you can't fix this, people will start avoiding you too, and this would be unfortunate.  

Best of Luck to You!  


thnx 4 d wndrful advise ill try it..


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I want to know because I am in the same problem.

I am angry for nothing - literally. There is no reason to behave like this, and I am aware that my friends and my family is sad because of this situation.

I am aware that they are trying to help me, but I just can't let them. Not because I don't want to, but I just can't. When they try to talk to me I start to scream, fight with them and my anger gets worse.

And it is worse, day after day. I don't know what has happened to me?

I never had any bigger problems in my life. I had a good life but now I just can't lie down in my bed without asking myself what makes person angry?