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my husband is somewhat different.  he has a problem of anger.  he doesnt like to listen me while his anger is on high.  i m a carrier oriented lady and always try to suggest him better regarding our life, future.  he is a bindast kind of a person.  he doesnt listen me at all.  he creats his ego between us that i m a lady. he always suggested me whenever i m angry keep ur mouth shut, and i cant do that.  i tried lots of time but still i cant able to behave like that.  he suggested when i cool down that time u can explain me but my problem is i thought during the period of his anger he neglected me and hurt me.  and if he doesnt like my anything even i dont feel sorry.  and he felt like she should say sorry to me alteast for my anger relaxation.  clashes become more and more in my relationship. but he loves me a lot and i also love him.  he thought that my wife should be all rounder and everybody get her compliments always.                             plz suggest me how can i handle my husband while he is too angry and what little little lovely words should i use for him to make him very emotional for me and anger goes slow down.  help me as soon as possible.


I have the same problem as you and all I can do is keep quiet when he is angry, yelling, screaming or saying really bad stuff. I pretend not to hear him, but at the same time I must be around him so that he is not feeling neglected. After he has finished, I continue with what I am doing / what I need to do and just give him some time off. It hurts me but I know it is the only way. 


hello there,

i'm very saddened by what you two are saying.

all's i know is anger is an expression of FRUSTRATION and/or HURT and/or FEAR.

Anger is usually expressed by ''emotionally immature'' people.

Otentimes its the way they were raised, it is how they learn to deal/cope with their emotions, which can be so hurtful and frustrating and so fourth

to the people around them (family, wife/husband, etc.)

Psychotherapy and being aware of this can change this behavior.

One way of dealing with someone who's angry is to say somethin g like ''well, i feel what youre saying. that cant be easy, i understand, thats tough'' --- Showing some compassion i guess. ( it can be hard but it might calm down the person's wrath.)

You can ask that person how are you really feeling? are you frustrated? hurt? scared? all of the above?

it might give her/him some insight as to how they are really feeling,

 feel it then move on with their lives,

 because as humans, emotions regulate our lives. emotions play a bigger part in human life than some people are willing to admit.

and angry people are dangerous, cause they are very impulsive and dont know how to deal with emotional distress. be wary


regards, i wish you all good luck, and take care.



really what ever you had its correct but what is the solution behined this why they are getting angry on us we are well educated family why they not like us but how we spent are life with an such a angry person he always give more favour to their parents sister problem and not to me whether iam beggar or what in family just have to seat quiet and listen everything llike mum then he will like everything or what.then he should do uneducated girl .