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I'm a college student, and I have a hard time focusing. I was diagnosed with ADHD, and the medication gave me so many side effects, that I stopped taking it completely. I'm always angry. I don't know why I am angry, nor do I have a reason to be angry, but I am never in a good mood. I tried Adderall and Concerta, and they only help temporarily. What is wrong with me? I haven't talked to a psychiatrist yet, but maybe I should. Do any of you suffer from the same thing? Even when I was in high school, I was always angry. I never had any real friends, and I was always self conscious. I had such a hard time focusing in high school, that I can not remember anything that I learned in high school. Everyone tells me that I am beautiful, but I always blow them off, and find things on my body that I need to fix. All of these things drag me into a depression sometimes. I just want to be happy, and I want to be able to focus and retain information that I learn in school.


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Hey Nicole.

have you ever tried any techniques for managing anger? Relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, yoga ...
Perhaps some type of workout? Maybe you could meet some friends in the gym. Usually attractive people have less problems meeting new people, so this could be a good start.

I do not have ADHD, so I am not speaking from experience, but I am know exercise helps me when I am angry. I think I am not the meditation type, but to be honest I've never tried it, so I can't tell for sure.

I think knowing your "disadvantages" is a good thing - it helps you improve :)

Is that your picture on the avatar? Yes, you are beautiful. :) Now, don't blow me off ;) Instead say "thank you" and smile :) Learn to accept compliments and also learn to give them too! It will help you in life. 

We all find things on our bodies that we don't like! No one is perfect. Be thankful for what you've got, because you are able to live without the things you don't have!



You need to find the cause and you really should ask yourself what is happening with you? What are the possible things that can do that, what makes person angry, what makes you angry in the first place? 

Look, anger is a secondary emotion in human. And this type of emotion is caused by primary emotion - that is usually a fear, hurt or reaction.

Now, you should reassess yourself do you have any reasons to be in this condition? Did anyone hurt you, are you scared because of something or someone? If you can't find those answers alone, you should consult someone who can help you. There must be some cause behind this constant anger and fear. 



hey nicole, i find myself very angry all the time these days, it is NOT cool, i know.

what i know is anger is way of expressing how you feel, its not really an emotion.

anger is actually expressing either hurt and/or frustration and/or fear, or all 3.

you know when ppl start screaming and sh*t theyre actually express their pain physically.

im about to consult, for your own sake and your studies, perhaps you should consider doing it as well. talking does wonders, and a good psychotherapist can guide you in a beautiful, productive way.

pills are tricky cuz everybody reatcs differently to them :( im scared to take some (for depression or ADHD, cuz i cant barely concentrate myself, i quit school 3 weeks ago )

i cant get psychotherapy here unless i quit smoking weed. noone will accept me.

take care




meditation is AWESOME. nothing compares to it. nothing clears your mind like meditation.


I'm fifty years old, and I've been angry, frustrated and alone my whole life. I don't have interests that aren't super-simple, non-challenging and solitary. Holding down jobs for more than a few months at a time was basically impossible for many years. I've been employed for over ten years now at the same company but still feel like I'm on probation and don't have any kind of normal rapport with coworkers or clients.
I dropped out of high school and only got a ged because I wanted to join the National Guard. I later got an AS degree, but gave up on being all but homeless while pursuing a bachelor's degree.
My point is, at least for me, it doesn't and won't really get better, but I've managed to get by and will be able to retire without becoming homeless again. I've got my home, my backyard, pets, good credit, etc... You may be different, and that's great, but I think that there are some things that you can't change and that aren't worth the trouble trying. I've spent decades trying to pretend to be somebody I wasn't.
Now I accept my situation and can at least be content.