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i do not know whay he easily gets angry. Just very small things and he makes it big, just like today we are just making in the golf course a little chipping and potting, and we decided to make a game, whoever is near in the whole wins, now he lost. he got mad at me, and i dont know what to do. i just laughed because am happy but he misunderstood it that i was laughing at him. i try to explain my side but he is  a type who never listen, i kept on understanding him but he doesnt want to understand me and he will never understand whatever it would be. So i feel very humilated becaus ei feel like i am a child coz everytime we have a fight, he calls me id**t, silly nut, no brain, that my brain is always disconnected, , and everything is my fault. For him whatever i do is always wrong. Whatever we do as long as he think that am better than him he gets mad at me, i dont know why, so everytime we play chess, soduko, golf ,i never want to win.. and sometimes i am giving myself a chance that i could beat him, but he gets upset, what should i do.. nothing.. its no challenge for me anymore... not only that he has a behavior that what he thinks is always right, and everytime i gave him an opinion and i am right he gets mad at me, and it took us 2 days before he will talk to me again.. then he said that we dont fit, that i have to leave coz i dont make him happy, i dont know, but the time that i packed up everything and ready to leave, he stopped me, he didnt even say sorry to me. i dont know what to do, coz everyday is always a hard day for me that i have to think that he wont get mad. i am always in stress, i dont want to live like this. Should i leave him???


if youre not happy with him and you dont think he and you can work things out then leave him. one thing ive learned is is youre not happy you shouldnt put up with it you should walk away and start something new.

if you do want to stay though try talking to him or go to counseling it might help.

best of luck!


I agree.

If you are not happy, you should not force yourself to stay with him.

I just don't want to get me wrong, I don't want you to think that I don't know what am I talking about because I do know. Those things what makes person angry can have so many factors and causes that we can't even imagine. 

My ex was causing me a lot of stress when he was like that. He even quit his job one day because he was "soooo angry with this boss". So, I was working alone, trying to raise my kids and whenever I am at home he wants to fight because he is angry.

I left him. One year ago. I am still sad sometimes when I think about him and about all those wonderful days that we spent together, but he was choking me. 

Last thing that I have heard about him is that he had some girl after me, but his behavior was worse than when he was with me. 



Actually i am encounter almost same problem with you, my husband always get mad easily just a small matter likes my daughter was fall down from the bed . He always keep blaming all his income gone by my baby expenses and actually the truth is I was always support his financial since before we are get married. But, now he just blaming because i bring along our baby to stay with us (Initially my baby was staying at my hometown). Last night, we go and fetch our baby from baby sitter house and realize her eyes was so red and swollen. Then he start to mad on me again, and he said don't want to walk with me because is all my fault. I did asked my baby sitter nicely while reach home, the baby sitting was saying it might an allergy from the dust due to my baby keep playing the pram. But, my husband at the home down stair was called my sister, telling her that he want to divorce with me those thing blah blah.. I was so upset while my sister called me and told me what my husband saying. During my married , i was make it simple not even inviting relative, just a simple ROM because I was wondering my husband can't spend too much as he have no saving. What he spend is just my hospital expenses while give birth, and now he was blaming all his saving already spend for my hospital expenses. Always blaming if my baby was at my hometown then he can have more saving. Please, he was already no saving since before married. What he talking about? Even the monthly expenses for baby sitter is my money and baby food and diaper expenses most of the time is my money too. I really need an advise what should I do? He was not appreciate and understanding me, just always blaming me that what I do is wrong, his always right. I am really tired on this relationship...I married him because I love him not because of money but he did not appreciate


I know you've posted this a year ago. But I'm going through the same thing. They don't apologize cuz their pride has a hold of them. My husband gets mad at me for the smallest things and we argue for days. I'm starting to lose my mind. I can't take it anymore. I don't want a divorce. But I can't take it anymore. They way he treats me. he calls me names as well..

One thing he does when he's angry, he shuts down and gives me the silent treatment. Then when I ask what's wrong he sais nothing. Finally when I get him to talk... well he doesn't talk to me, we text fight...

he tells me to figure it out, and when I ask him was it this was it that, he says what about it? that doesn't tell me anything, he's horrible at explaining or finding a solution.

He said he wants to hurt me the way I hurt him. He told me to not hold grudges, when he holds grudges all the time. We argue every weekend. And I hate it.... I'm losing my mind. He says I need counseling, when really he needs it more than i do. He says I have a mental problem. I talked it out with one of my friend and he said I don't have any mental problems. I explained himt he situation, and my friend said my husband's crazy.

*sigh* Everytime we argue, I tell him to drop it and leave it alone for the sack of our relationship. And we have a son. He's not my biological son, but I see him as if he was. And I told my husband this. I accepted him as if he is mine, and the other day he wanted a divorce.... he was taking his son away. And I told him. From the first day I told him, I didn't want to get too attached to his son cuz I had a feeling he may take him away. It happened once, and I didn't want that feeling again.

Well he said he'll let me see him still... I don't want to continue to see him if we get a divorce, cuz it will hurt me even more. He doesn't get me. He complains I can't read him. And I told him I can't read his mind. urgh this relationship is going down hill... then he said to me "I'm glad I haven't gotten you pregnant" and my reply was "I'm glad I'm carrying your child" We need marriage counselling but knowing him he thinks he's perfect and nothing is wrong with him. It's always my fault. Never his.

He brings up my past all the time. And says your past is who you are.
And I tell him your past teaches you how to be a better person today. It molds you. Well as always I'm always wrong.

I'm tired of always saying sorry. I'm tired of all the arguing, I'm tired of doing everything for him. Yes i can stop but a part of me says if I stop, he'll just give up. I mean I do everything. I massage him mostly every night, I do his homework for college every day, and I make sure he has clothes to wear the next day or week.

I feel like I'm doing too much. There's so much going on. I keep a record of how often we argue and it's every week. Last week, we left me at church and got mad at me cuz our son was hungry. When our son told me he was done eating, and when I asked him is he hungry he said no. Then 2 min he said he was hungry. My husband got mad at me for that.

Not very happy, but it seems I'm doing too much. I have finally realized I need to focus on myself, no more trying to go through hoops and what not for him when he doesn't give a damn about it.

I just needed to let some anger out... been a rough year for me.

He's always comparing me with his ex. I'm not his ex, and for my hubby's b-day he got upset with me, cuz our son needed to use the bathroom while we were watching a movie, and he got upset with me for that..... REALLY! he couldn't have just asked me "can you take him to the bathroom?" instead get all moody with me. And says I ruined his birthday weekend. At least I gave him a birthday weekend, for my birthday we didn't do anything, same thing with father's day and mother's day.

I feel like he just want to argue about something. I'm still trying to have faith, and be strong, but it's getting so hard for me. I think I may kill myself when it's over. lol...

I just needed to vent that's all.


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