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A couple of days ago I went to see my friend Rosa. She came from Australia. I haven’t see her for three years I think.

We were the best friends when we were kids. She is so beautiful now. She came here with her husband and her cat.

I usually would never say this but I hate her cat :/

She is so wild and she is angry all the time.

She was attacking me all the time while I was drinking coffee with them.

She told me that she is always like that and that they are used on this behavior. Really? I don’t think so!

Her husband is looking for some way to calm her.


Hello. Well, if she can’t see that her cat is being aggressive and mad I just don’t see how you can help her. According to your post I am sure that she believes that this is normal situation. Here are a few tips, just to have them in situations like this. Definitely she needs to spend more time with her cat. She needs to find the best way to cheer her up in situation like is this one. Angry cat can be dangerous cat and everyone should know this. I think that this cat believes that she is not loved.



Hey there ZooBaby87.

Like Dog Whisperer told you there is not that much to do. If she thinks that this is normal, she will keep thinking that this behavior is normal.

Cats can be good. All that your friend needs to do is to spend more time with her. Here are certain things that can cause this behavior:

  • Lack of handling with your cat while she was a kitten. It is very important to spend a lot of time with your kitten because this is the only way to be a good and friendly cat. And gentle cat, of course. You should not leave her alone.
  • If this cat is angry maybe they treated her roughly – it is enough that they hits her once.
  • Maybe she is injured and the owners don’t see this.
  • She is bored.
  • She needs other diet program.


Hey there friends :)

You maybe don’t believe in it, but it is very easy to calm angry cat.

First thing that you need to do is to show her that you love her and that she has your unconditional love. And that part is easy.

Buying some good treats and new toys for her can be helpful. Tell your friend to try this way.

I don’t understand why she thinks that she is OK, you need to tell her that something is going on with her cat.

Maybe she is sick but your friend just cannot notice this.

Cats look for attention – a lot of attention.  



Hey everyone.

Well I really hope that my cat won’t be angry. Never!

As I can see this is very tough process for both – cat and the owner.


I remember that my friend had really angry cat. I was thinking that she is spoiled and that she wants her to be with her 24/7.

She was angry and furious.


In her case the cause was changing of the environment. You know how she helped her cat?

She was spraying her with a calming pheromone on her favorite places, such as bed and other places where her cat was chilling :)