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I am 13 years old, and I go to a private school. There is one boy in my class that I simply CANNOT stop thinking about. I love him. I would like to tell him how I feel... but it's too hard. I just am not courageous enough. It's hard enough telling him... but the part that makes it more difficult...

I'm a boy

It's hard for me to tell him, because I am unsure if he's gay or not. I would like for us to remain friends, but it's so unbelievably difficult.

Please, I would like some advice on how to tell him...

I am scared out of my mind...

Please help,




Two things to say: one: make sure you will not regret you decision if you do tell him. Can you see yourself getting married to another man? And remember, no children, and if you adopt, it would be a very awkward situation for the child. Will your family accept it? I don't want to worry you, but your schoolmates, they'll prolly tease you too. Woe betide the two lusbians in my school.

Two: it's prolly just growth hormones screwing with you. I would wait until they go away and see then if I felt the same. You prolly think it'd be horrible waiting, but I did and I certainly do not regret my choice of wait.

If you are certain though, just pull him aside and tell him. If he rejects, ask him to keep it quiet. I hope you figure out what YOU want :]

(There is nothing wrong with being gay. I and my friends are the people who help the lusbians in my school through tough times)