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Hi. I am 22 years old. How can I lighten my lips? All of the sudden my lips have turned dark for no reason. Is it possible to regain my original lip color through some treatment?


Many things such as smoking, sun exposure, coffee, tea, general allergies, etc can all contribute to making lips dark. Here is how can you lighten your lips: apply a mixture of lemon and glycerin to your lips every night and Leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning. This should help, but also cut down on tea and coffee and opt for fruit juices and water. Don’t lick them and In case you smoke, your lips will not undergo improvement until you stop smoking, because the stains are caused by nicotine.


Hi woolsey,

If you are a male and had pink lips with fair complexion, then the reason for your lips

turning black may most probably be because of masturbation (No Offense meant).

I have wheatish/fair complexion with pink lips. (now 24 years old)

But from the past few months (around 11-14 months) my lips have started turning black.

They start turning dark/black from the edges of the lips.

It can start from the side edged or from the center-bottom edge of the lips

If you observe closely, the red lips of fair(complexion) people, there will be a little bit of darkness(black) in them.

This darkness will increase with passage of time(assuming the male keeps masturbating at a regular intervals)

I am not 100% sure if these lips that have turned black due to this masturbation is reversible. :(

I wish it was an reversible/curable effect.

I am writing all these based on my own life experience and i have observed a lot of people who have experienced the same because of masturbation.

This is one BIG BIG disadvantage of masturbating.

I have stopped doing that to a great extent.... but the damage has already been done.

Any queries/suggestions regarding this... please feel free to get back to me.


So how would you be able to turn your lips backs to your original color.