I got a yeast infection, my first one and I was terrified. Being as young as I am I told my mom and she totally dismissed it. Thinking I was just being paranoid. It continued to itch, burn, and produce cottage cheese like discharge. So I notified my father, knowing he'd take action to cure the problem. My father then told my grandma to go to the store and get me some monistat. I started using the 7day cream after about 2-3 days of symptoms. I'm now on day 7, the cream helped so much with the itching and burning. But I noticed that if I didn't apply more within 12 hours the itching and burning came back. Now there is still some white substance still in there. Much less like cottage cheese than before. How long does it take for the discharge to go away. In earlier comments I heard someone mention they it was just the monistat breaking down and that it would leave in a few days. Could I have some help on this subject?