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I have some clear vaginal discharge. So I looked up what it could be, I came up with yeast infection, but my discharge is clear-white, more clear, but its not like cottage cheese, which is a symptom of a yeast infection. It doesn't have a smell, but there is a lot if it. It gets a little gross before and after my period, but it is all the time. I AM FREAKING OUT! I have done my reasearch and i still am clueless about what it is, so could you please give me an answer?

Thank you.


Discharge is normal, but from my understanding its different with every person. In my experience, clear discharge is very common, especially if it's before or after my period. 
    Some people don't ever really have discharge, some people (like me and my sisters), have it on a regular basis. For me, It kind of became less as I got older. Mind you, I still have days that I have A LOT of clear discharge. 

    Now, if you feel itching, burning, swelling, irritation in that area, AND you have A LOT of discharge, then you should worry. But In my case, lots of discharge-clear- is a normal way of life. Some people use pantie-liners for days like this. I personally can't because I'm very sensitive to moisture down there.
   If you are still worried, I would check more places. I am not a doctor or any thing similar, I just have personal experiences with it.