I have had a yeast infection before... white cloudy discharge, but no smell and no chunks. I was recently tested with blood work and am perfectly healthy. I often experience itching and feel that I am prone to yeast infections >:( ... i used the monistat once before and thought it worked well for my itching and I felt better. I recently used it again and noticed cottage cheese like discharge. IT FREAKED ME OUT! i have NEVER had this symptom before and was trying to reassure myself that it was from the monistat, however, it was monistat one and i took it about 5 days ago. I noticed leakage the day after, but nothing else until today. I tried to remove most of it because I didnt know what it was, but now feel like i removed all the medicine, and its supposed to stay in there to help heal the infection. I think next time I will stick with the 7 day... pain in the ass, but seems to have worked well for others. I just dont understand why monistat wouldnt have these symptoms listed on the little pamphlet they include with the box. thank goodness i found this forum!