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How long is walking pneumonia contagious? I have a family member coming back from travel and I don't want them to get sick. What happens and how much longer is it going to recover if I have COPD?
No, you cannot have the name and phone number of my family member, I can explain it just fine.




Hello there Dave,

Walking pneumonia can be dangerous up to two weeks, so let your family member know that he should avoid other family members. Of course if the immune system of other family members is strong enough they maybe avoid getting infected. Your family member don’t need to be bed rested but the more he take care of himself the faster he or she is going to be better.

Sometimes, there is no need for any kind of medications for walking pneumonia, and sometimes antibiotics are prescribed, this all depended how advanced is the condition and what are the symptoms.

I hope that you will resolve your problem with family member and that you will avoid getting sick as well.