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I walk 3 miles a day everytime I walk my hands begin to tingle and swell. About a hour after walking everything goes back to normal.


ya i have had this problem my entire life. I also was diagnosed
with anaphylaxis to excursion when i was a child. However
on that occasion my tongue got itchy with the hand swelling.

but when i go for walks .. hand swelling happens
nearly every time.. sometimes more than others.

I think there is not enough known about this because
i was tested to try and recreate an anaphylactic reaction
in hospital and they were unable to recreate it

family members get the hand swelling while
walking as well.. and i think it is most likely
electrolyte imbalance or high blood pressure.. drinking too much water
without the electrolytes or something along
those lines..change in diet and weather and
excercise habits seems to cause it to happen more frequently
and intensly in my case.

either way id consult my doctor see if they think
its anything serious

It is most likely electrolyte imbalance..

try to eat more consistently and have more
consistent excercise habits.

some times excercise can trigger an allergic
reaction if you have high level of allergens in your body.
especially if more than your hands are swelling.

.. so an allergy test might be good idea...just in case.

I avoid most allergens and still get the symptoms so
it may be incurable..