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Im 16 and lost my virginity to my boyfriend on the 28th of this month. We used protection but my period was due on the 30th and im never ever late as im ridiculously regular! Could it have split? Am i pregnant? I have a major thing about abortions and dont know how long the morning after pill works for? I know i should take a tes but i dont know how long you have to wait for it to be correct...please help!?


Hi EAlice,

With any sexual contact there is a chance of pregnancy...

But, IF you expected your period on the 30th, then it is unlikely you are pregnant.  The timing is VERY poor.  

Normally you will ovulate, release an egg, between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.  That egg is only viable, able to be fertilized, for about 48 hours after ovulation.

You had sex near day 26 of your cycle.  It is highly unlikely that it is/was viable.  Your fertility is decreasing to its lowest.

Sometimes you can just be late.  Stress or illness can affect your cycle.

The morning after pill is most effective within 72 hours of sex.  I don't think it necessary under your circumstances.

Hope it helps.